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Money Heist Berlin First Look Images Show Andrés In His Highest Glory

The Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) gang may have successfully completed their heist, but the story continues in the latest series. The spin-off, titled BERLIN, focuses on the character Berlin (Pedro Alonso) before his terminal diagnosis and the Royal Mint of Spain hostage situation. Created by Money Heist's Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato of Sky Rojo, the new series explores Berlin's golden age as he embarks on one of his most extraordinary heists.
"It’s a trip through the golden age of the character when he robbed around Europe crazy in love," says Pina. The series promises a blend of white-collar crimes, tension, travel, romance, and notably, humor. Pina assures Alonso that the most surprising element is the comedy, making audiences laugh throughout the show.
We discussed essentially what you need to know before Berlin launches next week. Now, let's take a look at some first-look images to take that excitement to a new level.

Money Heist Berlin First Look Images

Money Heist Berlin First Look Images Source: Netflix
In Money Heist, a group of individuals, each bearing city nicknames, unite for a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain. The plan, devised by the Professor (Álvaro Morte) and executed by Berlin, unfolds with gripping precision. BERLIN, a spin-off, delves into an earlier phase of Berlin’s life, glimpsed through flashbacks in later Money Heist seasons.
Berlin believes in two things that can transform a bad day into a great one: love and a million-dollar payday. These driving forces keep him relentlessly focused on ambitious goals. His latest endeavor involves a staggering heist — making $44 million worth of jewels disappear.
However, achieving this feat requires assembling a team of skilled individuals: Keila, a cybersecurity expert; Damián, an academic and Berlin’s close friend; Cameron, a daring risk-taker; Roi, a locksmith, and Berlin’s loyal sidekick; and Bruce, proficient in gadgets and weaponry.


What To Expect From These Preview Images?

One of the images highlights the entire crew, donned in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), with Keila likely assisting the team remotely given her tech expertise, as suggested by her character poster. Another picture features Raquel and Alicia, geared up and ready to apprehend heist fugitives. The Spanish police detectives appear to be called in by the French police to address a heist in Paris, orchestrated by their Spanish counterparts, as hinted in the trailer.
In another image, Roi and Cameron are seated on a bike, presumably keeping watch on someone. The duo, with evident romantic tension, is set to showcase chemistry in the show, as seen in the trailer and previously released character posters. Lastly, there's a picture of Berlin himself reveling in a carefree party atmosphere. Unlike previous scenes where Berlin faced a terminal illness, this image portrays a vibrant and morally ambiguous version of Berlin in his prime.
Berlin is set to premiere on Netflix worldwide on December 29, 2023.
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