Mildly Interesting Pictures That Are Actually Proper Eye-Openers

Sometimes, life can be boring. But if you look around, you will realize that there are many ordinary things are trying to amuse you. Are you looking for something that is not extremely funny but mildly interesting to boost your mood? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you some mildly interesting pictures of ordinary things. They will manage to catch you off guard. Scroll down and enjoy.
All of these photos were shared by members of the Mindly Interesting Online Reddit Group. As the name suggests, this fascinating group - the home of about 21.3 million members is dedicated to collecting and sharing mildly interesting stuff that interests you. Well, we don't waste your time more – now just have a look at these mildly interesting pictures and enjoy a good laugh.

#1. My fridge shot out a completely grey icecube

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: SteveTakesAShot

#2. Someone mailed a potato

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: Beeninya

#3. Fibonacci cauliflower for lunch

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: luckytiger011011

#4. My neighbours heated the driveway melting the fresh snow

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: thepoorgroomsbride

#5. This bathroom mirror in Tallinn Airport has instructions on how to tie a tie

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: themiths35

#6. Found this 1999 'vintage' Thinking Chair from Blues Clues

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: Sadtunasalad

#7. These rice grains standing up straight after cooking it

Source: crybabymoon

#8. Today I found a hat with an AM/FM radio in it inside an antique store

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: Sir_Sousa

#9. These mini tent displays at Academy Sports

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: dblljackncoke

#10. Local farmers market has emu eggs

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: Mingey_FringeBiscuit

#11. One-eyed glass

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: poyup

#12. This absolutely perfect snowflake that fell on my coat

Mildly Interesting PicturesSource: zer0deathz

#13. A Nike sewing error on a $100 hoodie

Source: DJpetee

#14. The way ice formed over tomatoes in freezer

Source: Badass-19

#15. My potato is growing a new potato inside itself

Source: Mariah0

#16. A Ken with vitiligo

Source: blankspacefood

#17. This mannequin in Harrods posed as a cartoonish fall

Source: Radikost

#18. The sun hit this cloud just right to make it look like the mountain is on fire

Source: lenaxjoha

#19. I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store

Source: penededios

#20. These sperm shoes I found at a thrift store

Source: mildishclambino

#21. The silhouette in the ice cube looks like a Disney princess

Source: Vixi0n

#22. USA Fanta vs UK Fanta

Source: RRR-Craigyroo

#23. My wife cut open some squid while making dinner to find the squids dinner

Source: Mr_Kealy

#24. These shoes found at a thrift store with controller shaped soles

Source: NijiKoneko

#25. My cousin’s Samurai sword shift knob

Source: MarkHAZE86

#26. The frame on this painting in my parents house has eyeballs in it

Source: Missile_Lawnchair

#27. My leggings matched the chair at the vacation rental

Source: EmeraldOwl11

#28. This slug drew a snail

Source: wollowman

#29. My left eye grows a single, fragile grey eyelash that grows as long as I let it

Source: deityfreeme

#30. The camera in the ER looks like a surprised panda

Source: WhiskyEye

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