Mean Manager Got Fired After Employee Sent Messages Of Their Conversation To HR

They say a leader is different from a boss. Good leaders give lessons, inspiration, and care to their teammates. Meanwhile, bosses complain and stress workers out. Stories about bosses, leaders, and managers will never get old to any adult working in an office. This one is one of them, but it's so satisfying that it shouldn't be missed. Keep scrolling your mouse to read it from head to toe!

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An employee of a call center with the Reddit user name u/nerdfury83 shared on the viral subreddit r/MaliciousCompliance that he had a new manager who loved to nitpick and always complained to him about the smallest things. Besides, she didn't take spoken words seriously and claimed, "If it's not in writing, it didn't happen". One day, she asked him for a catch-up twice but didn't show up each time, so he left with notices in their chat log. When his shift was over, she wanted to meet him, but he refused since she wouldn't pay him overtime.

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The manager was angry and threatened the OP with a formal meeting with HR. Instead of being scared, he totally agreed with her idea. In the meeting with HR, she blamed him for refusing her unreasonably. The Op explained the situation and gave all their messages' screencaps to HR with her mantra, "If it's not in writing, it didn't happen". The manager had no backup receipts and had to leave the company the next day. The Op was cleared of false accusations, with nothing documented on his staff file.

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Most people in the comment section used to have a micromanager in their work lives, so they exposed their sympathy with the OP and felt good for his new leader. They agreed that the former manager deserved to leave because, firstly, she was a nitpicker; secondly, she lied; thirdly, she tented to bully her work subordinates; lastly, she tried to benefit from HR to cover her.

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In addition, everyone loved the twist that her own mantra backfired at last. Though clarity in work was reasonable, her level of intensity was out of mind. Besides, people pointed out her fatal mistake: messing with HR.

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On another aspect, some people thought HR making the manager leave in one night proved that the environment there was toxic and somehow dictatorial. However, the OP rejected that and confirmed that his company was decent and explicit.

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