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  1. Vanessa Kirby will be the next Susan Storm?
  2. The actress will be the third Invisible Woman on the silver screen.
  3. Johnny Storm is rumored to be played by Joseph Quinn.
  4. About other Fantastic Four casting choices.

MCU Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm Actress Is Reportedly Revealed, And She’s Not Margot Robbie

MCU Fantastic Four is one of the most anticipated upcoming movies from Marvel Studios, which will serve as the first film of Phase Six. Many hope that Marvel will finally do the First Family some justice, as the iconic group was badly portrayed in both the 2005-2007 series and the 2015 reboot version, both distributed by 20th Century Fox. While the film is set to release on May 2, 2025, the official casting choices haven’t been announced just yet.

There have been rumors here and there about which actors will play the iconic Richard Reeds, Sue and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm in the live-action movie, but only until today, the most probable cast has been revealed to the press. Marvel Studios has reportedly found their Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman, and her brother Johnny Storm as well. Let’s take a look at these rumored casting choices, and how they would fit in as the newest siblings in the MCU.


#1. Vanessa Kirby will be the next Susan Storm?

Announcing on The Hot Mic podcast, Jeff Sneider from Above the Line had us updated about the latest Fantastic Four casting rumors, with not one, but two roles seeming to have found their owners. According to Sneider, Vanessa Kirby, who’s famous for her role in the recent Mission: Impossible entries as the White Widow Alanna Mitsopolis. She seems to have a knack for action movies in recent years, having starred in Fast & Furious: Hobb and Shaw as well.

Sneider also reported that Kirby has signed to play the role of Sue Storm, who has the same bright blonde hair as the actress in real life. However, an official announcement or confirmation regarding the matter hasn’t been released yet by Marvel Studios. The actress herself hasn’t personally addressed the rumors, either.


#2. The actress will be the third Invisible Woman on the silver screen.

Source: Getty Images

Before Kirby, there has been rumors about Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie taking on the role of Invisible Woman, but the Australian performer is reported to have pulled out of negotiations for various reasons, one of them being salary. If she takes on the role, Kirby will become the 3rd Sue Storm on the big screen, after Jessica Alba in the 2005-2007 franchise, and Kate Mara in the 2015 reboot. 


#3. Johnny Storm is rumored to be played by Joseph Quinn.

Source: British GQ

Besides Vanessa Kirby as Susan Storm, British star Joseph Quinn is also rumored to play Sue’s biological brother Johnny Storm, who also goes by the name Human Torch. Johnny’s role was previously portrayed by Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan, both of whom already had prominent roles in the MCU as Steve Rogers and Killmonger respectively.

Quinn was born on January 26, 1994 in London, United Kingdom. He’s best known for playing Eddie Munson in the Netflix series Stranger Things season 4, and the supporting character Koner in Game of Thrones season 7. Another possible candidate for the role was Paul Mescal, who will also star in 2024’s Gladiator 2 along with Quinn.


#4. About other Fantastic Four casting choices.

Source: Instagram

Aside from the Storm siblings, the remaining members of the four, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm also have their potential candidates. As for Mister Fantastic, both Matt Smith and Adam Driver were offered the role before the SAG-AFTRA strike took place, but the latter has withdrawn as he disagreed with how Reed was written. Some other rumors include Penn Badgley, Glenn Howerton, and even Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DCEU.

As for Ben Grimm aka The Thing, Daveed Diggs has risen as the best contender to play the brawn of the group. However, as there is no confirmation just yet from Marvel Studios, we’ll have to wait and see if these rumors turn out to be true or not.

Do you think Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn are the best candidates to play the Storm siblings? What expectations do you have for MCU Fantastic Four? Let us know in the comment.

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