Marriage In A Nutshell: When Couples Feel Their Wedding Vows Broken Hilariously

Only married people know how it truly is to be in a marriage. Living together is never a piece of cake, and both wife and husband need to try their best. Since they tied the knot and made the vow, they have been committed to each other, and millions of difficulties still await. Furthermore, some couples have to face their spouses' pet peeves, bad habits, weird hobbies, and even body odor.

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In addition, they say love and passionate feelings will fade away when couples live under one roof for years. Time is the hardest test for romance. However, many silver, gold, diamond, and ruby anniversaries are proof that true love and responsibility will win after all.
Easy talk than done, we know. A handful of husbands and wives ever felt like they were "betrayed" bafflingly by their spouses. These experiences are a flavor for marriage and a big source of laughter for single people. Here they are!

#1. Flexing

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#2. Oh?

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#3. The guy should marry an athlete

Source: Shmelon Shmusk

#4. The best Black Friday deal

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#5. “Funny? funny how?”

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#6. Detective divorce

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#7. Whew

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#8. Speechless

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#9. No chance! ?

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#10. December to remember, pal.

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#11. "Well, where's the last place you put them?"

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#12. She already had

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#13. Unreasonably resentful

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#14. Fun and not fun fact

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#15. It was in the vow

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#16. Risky move

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#17. New year, old story

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#18. It will never happen

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#19. Good luck

Source: @Chhapiness

#20. No rush

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