Man Wins Support When Reminding Son's Teacher To Speak To Him Instead Of His Girlfriend During Parent Meeting At School

It's challenging to be a single father and raise kids on your own, especially when it comes to education. Most teachers assume the mother would be the children's primary caregiver and educator. Therefore, they mostly choose to talk with the kids' mothers rather than the fathers. As we can see with a single father like the man in this story, his son's teacher decided to work with his girlfriend instead of him during the parent-teacher meeting.


The Redditor broke up with his wife a few years ago and lived with his 6-year-old son, Nathan. The boy's school knew about this, and his teacher was aware that his parents would never come to school together.

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The poster was in a relationship with a woman, Venus, for 8 months. His girlfriend was close to his son, so she helped Nathan to learn English. However, the problem emerged when the Reddit user attended the parent-teacher conference with his girlfriend.

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Though the teacher clearly knew that he was Nathan's sole parent, she kept talking to Venus during the meeting. Even when the girlfriend realized that and redirected the conversation to the poster, the teacher insisted on conversing with her. The father finally interrupted the teacher to remind her that she should speak to him instead of his girlfriend. Despite being a bit bothered, the teacher said sorry and discussed the rest part with the Redditor.

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It wouldn't be a big deal until he told this story to his brother-in-law and got snapped. His brother-in-law believed he shouldn't make the situation seem awkward by interrupting the teacher since she only followed her habit and had no bad intentions.

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The brother-in-law kept fixating on that at Christmas when Venus joined their family together. The poster was tired of this, so he wanted to know if he was in the wrong when asking his son's teacher to talk to him.

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Most commenters sided with the Reddit user in this case. They believed the teacher should have been more sensitive since she knew the poster was Nathan's sole parent. Moreover, the Redditor politely reminded her, and he demanded what he deserved.

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Netizens also pointed out that the writer's brother-in-law couldn't sympathize with him because his wife is his kids' mother, which was totally different from the Redditor's case.

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Do you think what the Reddit user did was reasonable? What do you think about the teacher? Do you agree that mothers tend to be more involved in children's education than fathers? Leave your thoughts in the comment below, and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to get updated with more intriguing threads from us!
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