Man Called Heartless By Family Member For Refusing To See His Dying Father

For many people, family is what they count on and rely on almost their entire lives. Whenever they struggle in life, they know they can always return home where their family members will embrace and comfort them with warmhearted love and support. That’s why when one of your family members is sick any comes near to death, you’ll be willing to trade anything to stay with them in their last moment. Unfortunately, that’d not be the case if you have terrible parents who kicked you out when you were a high schooler, as the Redditor u/BeeCoolMan in the story below.


The poster’s father forced him out of their house right after he turned 18. The parent claimed that an 18-year-old guy should be responsible for his own life without any support from others. Sadly, the mother did nothing to help, and the Redditor ended up outside when he was still at high school. He and his parents didn’t keep in touch since then.

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The man managed to have some part-time jobs while sleeping on the streets for several weeks. He looked for help from some NGOs and finally graduated high school. By ten years later, he earned a college degree and a decent job. However, he could never forgive his parents for what they’d done.

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The poster and his family had no contact until one day, his uncle texted to inform him that his father was so sick that he might pass away soon. The feeble man hoped to see his son for the last time, so the uncle asked the Redditor to come home. After receiving a no from the man, his uncle berated him for being heartless.

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Though the poster had no intent to return home to meet his father, he shared his story online to know if his response was hard-hearted and selfish.

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The post has gained 9.4K upvotes with lots of comments from online people. Most of them sided with the Redditor and said he had the right to do that. The writer’s parents didn’t care for him during those years, so they didn’t deserve to require anything from him. Some believed the father only wanted to see his son to ease his conscience before his death, which was another selfish act. Netizens also applauded the man for his grit and efforts to go through all those challenges. They hoped he could forget about his parents and enjoy the life he deserved.

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What do you think about the parents in this thread? Do you know any similar situation when parents kick their children out without any further support once the offspring turns 18? What would you do if you were in the poster’s position? We’d love to see your views in the comment below, and please check out other posts on our site for more fascinating news and stories!
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