Man Asks For Advice After Wife Who Went Through Stillbirth Forced Him To Get Rid Of His Cat

Life is hard, and sometimes you have to face unexpected problems having no clear answer. When you are lost and know nothing to do, you'll ask for help from other people. Fortunately, it's easier now to consult somebody as you have access to the online network with numerous participants. These people will look at your situation from different perspectives and come up with potential solutions for your headache.
The subreddit AITA is a popular site for those in need of help, and the user Clerxudehuntemu is one of them. The man recently shared his dilemma and asked netizens if he was unreasonable when asking to have his 12-year-old cat back.

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The poster and his wife struggled with the barren condition for quite a while until they finally had the good news. They were on cloud nine when knowing that they would welcome a child into the family soon. The couple was so excited that they prepared everything for their baby.

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To minimize the potential risks for the child, the Redditor's wife wanted his cat, Bubba, to stay away. The feline had been his best friend for over a decade. However, he only showed affection toward his owner while hissing at others. The pregnant woman was concerned that Bubba would frighten the baby, so she convinced the poster to send the cat to his parents.

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As you might guess, the cat was terrified when suddenly, he had to live in a new place without his human friend. Things didn't go well with the couple, either. Sadly, the wife suffered from a miscarriage a few weeks before the due day without specific reasons. The couple was in agony for a month after the incident, and they were so hopeless that they thought of adoption. When everything went back to normal, the poster planned to bring Bubba back home. However, he couldn't predict his wife's response.

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The wife threw a fit and said she would not accept the cat's presence. The thing was that she had lived harmoniously with Bubba for 10 years without any problems. Therefore, the poster couldn't understand why she was so sensitive about the feline. Their fight over the cat was their first conflict during years of living together. The poster didn't know if his request was irrational, so he reached out to the Reddit community.

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The post has gained over 19k upvotes with 4.3 comments, most of which sided with the poster. Some Redditors said the poster shouldn't have left Bubba in the first place, as his wife's worries were unnecessary.

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Others advised the cat's owner to find help from a counselor if he wanted to solve the problem. The root cause of the wife's anger seemed not to be the cat but because of her emotional suffering after losing her child. The poster should deal with his wife's distress by communicating with her.

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Some commenters suggested the poster think twice before taking adoption. One even shared that the cat would likely feel terrible if he was back with his owner just to be kicked out again once a child entered the house. If the poster couldn't keep Bubba until his last days, he should leave the poor feline with his parents.

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What would you do if you were in the poster's position? What advice would you give him to help his wife overcome her grief? Please share your views in the comment below, and click the subscribe button for more stories and news!
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