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Maegan Hall Leaked Video Leads To Crazy Tennessee Police Department Fallout: Most Shocking Details

Maegan Hall, a former police officer in Tennessee, has been fired after a video of her having sex with multiple colleagues at work was leaked online. The Maegan Hall’s full video, which was reportedly first posted on Reddit and then spread to other social media platforms, shows Hall engaging in explicit acts with seven different officers in the same department. 

Hall, 27, got kicked out of the La Vergne Police Department in rural Tennessee back in January. Here's everything you need to know about this Tennessee-gone-wild.


Crazy Details On Maegan Hall's Leaked Video Incident

maegan hall Source: New York Post

The video of Hall's workplace affairs was allegedly recorded by one of the officers involved, who then shared it with others. According to some sources, the video was leaked by a disgruntled colleague who wanted to expose Hall's misconduct. The video quickly went viral on social media, attracting thousands of views and comments.

The video shows Hall having sex with seven different officers in various locations, including patrol cars, locker rooms, and offices. Some of the officers are black, while others are white. Hall is seen wearing her uniform and badge in some of the scenes, while in others she is partially or fully undressed.

According to interview transcripts obtained by Daily Mail, Hall gave an account of her sexual escapades with fellow officers. Hall was interviewed three times by HR after a whistleblower came forward in December to report she was having ‘intimate relationships’ with male colleagues at boozy parties, hotels, and even on police property. In total, she engaged in inappropriate relationships with six male officers.

The rookie cop, however, fought back with a federal lawsuit, alleging that she was groomed and mistreated by her superiors, including Police Chief Burrel 'Chip' Davis and Sgt. Lewis Powell, a seasoned law enforcement veteran with 15 years of experience.

However, in a later counterclaim, Powell, 42, shifts the narrative. He accuses the young officer, Hall, of persistent flirting and pressuring him to engage in sexual relations, despite both of them being married.

Initially, Hall initiated conversations about sex, expressing dissatisfaction with her own marital life to Powell, according to the filing. Powell responded by offering suggestions to spice up her relationship with her husband. However, things took a turn when Hall asked Powell to demonstrate these suggestions so she could learn how to please her husband better.

The fallout from the scandal resulted in Hall, Powell, and three other colleagues losing their jobs at the Nashville-area police department. The department faced a wave of scandalous headlines involving wife swapping, hot tub parties, and strip Uno games.

Chief Burrel 'Chip' Davis, who was married, reprimanded Hall for "dipping her pen in company ink" while overseeing the internal inquiry into her actions. However, Davis himself was later terminated when it was revealed that he not only knew about Hall's behavior but allegedly pressured a sergeant for videos of Hall engaging in explicit activities.

In Hall's lawsuit, she claims that she entered the policing profession seeking role models but encountered "predators" like Powell. She alleges that Powell positioned himself as a reliable source of companionship and advice before coercing her into engaging in sexual activities while on duty. According to Hall, when she ended the relationship, Powell threatened to harm himself, leading to her own struggles with anxiety, depression, and deteriorating mental health.

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During interviews with the city’s Human Resources Director Andrew Patton, Hall said: "I got stupid, I got desperate, I guess and guys are guys and they’ll stick their d*** in anything". In Maegan Hall’s transcript, she also admitted that she had once performed a sexual act on Powell while on duty inside a police substation.

Hall, who was married at the time of the scandal, has filed a lawsuit against four of the officers involved, claiming that they coerced and groomed her into having sex with them. She also alleges that they threatened to expose her if she did not comply. Hall's lawyer said that she was a victim of sexual harassment and discrimination and that she suffered emotional distress and damage to her reputation as a result of the leaked video.

Hall's lawyer said that his client was not aware that she was being recorded, and that she did not consent to the distribution of the video. He also said that Hall was manipulated and pressured by the officers, who used their authority and influence to exploit her. He said that Hall was seeking justice and compensation for the harm done to her.

In response, Powell claims that it was Hall who pressured him into a sexual relationship and sent explicit texts while they worked together from March to May 2022. Powell states that due to issues in his marriage, they engaged in oral sex, an act he regrets. Powell alleges that he tried to end the relationship amicably around May 2022, citing his love for his wife. However, he accuses Hall of persistently attempting to rekindle the relationship, mentioning racial comments and inappropriate remarks.

According to Powell, Hall eventually moved on to other officers, and both became subjects of an internal investigation by the La Vergne Police Department in December 2022 due to Hall's deteriorating mental state and bizarre behavior, leading to her three-day commitment to a mental asylum.

Powell asserts that the affair was consensual and accuses Hall of defamation during a February 27 interview with News Channel 5. He is seeking $200,000 in compensation for emotional distress and damage to his reputation.

The City of La Vergne initiated the internal inquiry after a whistleblower reported intimate relationships among officers. The investigation led to multiple officers losing their jobs, including Hall, Powell, Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Detective Seneca Shields, Sgt. Ty McGowan, and eventually Police Chief Burrel 'Chip' Davis.

The chief was accused of inappropriate behavior, including inviting Hall on lunch dates, asking her to dance in his office, and making questionable comments about chocolate preferences. Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco, K-9 officer Larry Holladay, and Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl were also suspended for their involvement.


What Happened To Maegan After This Ugly Scandal: Her Latest Updates

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Growing up in rural Tennessee with dreams of becoming an actress, Hall eventually found her calling in law enforcement—a career that lasted barely two years and ended in nationwide infamy, accompanied by a barrage of degrading internet memes.

The lawsuit filed by Hall emphasizes that she gained unwanted international notoriety, being dubbed the "girl gone wild" female officer and becoming the subject of numerous internet jokes, memes, and sexual remarks. The suit contends that, but for the sexual grooming and abuse by the City of La Vergne, Sgt. McGowan, Sgt. Powell, and Chief Davis, Hall would not have faced such an extraordinary level of public ridicule and shaming.

Despite the challenges, Hall's husband Jedidiah, a sheriff's deputy, has stood by her side. The couple, sweethearts since their college days, got married in November 2018. Jedidiah's boss, Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, commended his strength in trying to salvage their marriage, stating, "I don't know how he's doing it, he's more of a man than I am."

News is scarcely heard about Maegan Hall after this crazy gone-wild. According to Fox, Maegan's trial date is scheduled for March 18, 2025. This follows her accusations against potential "role models" at the police station, labeling them as "predators" in a lawsuit filed against the city and three former officers, namely Sgt. Powell, Sgt. McGowan, and Chief Davis. The lawsuit alleges sexual misconduct by these former officers.

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