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  1. Stockholm, Sweden

Love Is Blind: Sweden Filming Location: Stockholm, Sweden

"Love is Blind: Sweden," the latest reality show sensation from Netflix, offers viewers an exciting trip through love, drama, and stunning views. In this article, we dive into the core of Sweden, exploring Stockholm, the main shooting spot of this intriguing series. From cobblestone streets to historic landmarks, Stockholm's charm is as clear as the love links it fosters on screen.


Stockholm, Sweden

Love Is Blind Sweden Filming Location Source: Netflix
Love Is Blind: Sweden was filmed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Spread out over 14 islands and connected by over 50 bridges, this city on the Baltic Sea archipelago is a mix of new and old. The show's scenes are predominantly shot in and around Stockholm, utilizing the city's variety of sceneries and setups.
The old-time feel of Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town, provides a pretty backdrop for the show. Here, the cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings create a love-filled atmosphere. Key landmarks like the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, the grand Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, and the Nobel Museum, which celebrates the Nobel Prize, add to the city's allure. The production team of "Love is Blind: Sweden" cleverly shows off the essence of Stockholm, showcasing its beauty and rich culture.

Other Movies And TV Shows.Filmed In Stockholm, Sweden

love is blind season 6 netflixSource: Google Images

Stockholm isn't just the backdrop for "Love is Blind: Sweden"; it has been a preferred location for various movies and TV shows. This city's flexible scenery and great architecture have made it a popular choice for filmmakers.
Notable films like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2009) and its sequel, "The Girl Who Played with Fire" (2009), utilized Stockholm's intriguing and dark vibe to enhance their thrilling narratives. The widely praised drama "The Square" (2017) also showcased Stockholm's contemporary art scene.
In television, Stockholm served as the backdrop for the gripping crime series "Beck," which started in 1997 and continued to capture audiences' attention over the years. "Modus," a TV series from 2015–2018, and "The Bridge," running from 2011–2018, also took advantage of Stockholm's diverse settings.

In "Love is Blind: Sweden," Stockholm's multifaceted personality shines through. The city's scenery not only enhances the visual appeal of the show but also adds depth to the emotional journeys of its participants. The intertwining of love stories with Stockholm's enchanting locales makes the series a must-watch for fans of romance and travel alike.

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