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  1. #1. 'Love Is Blind' Domestic Violence: What Did Brennon Do?

'Love Is Blind' Domestic Violence: What Did Brennon Do?

Searching for information about'Love Is Blind'domestic violence? Here we go! Alexa and Brennon Lemieux, contestants on the third season of the controversial reality show Love is Blind, were among the only ones to marry by the end of the so-called "experiment." They appeared to be the healthiest and happiest couple to come out of the show and were among the only ones to get married.
On the other hand, a Reddit user by the name of u/punkcowgirl recently unearthed a troubling discovery: Brennon is said to have a history of domestic violence against a past spouse who was listed in his criminal record. Many supporters and viewers had voiced their displeasure that it appears that Netflix did nothing to adequately screen and protect their candidates before production began.

#1. 'Love Is Blind' Domestic Violence: What Did Brennon Do?

love is blind domestic violence Source: Netflix
According to the incident report, Brennon and his throw, his girlfriend at the time got into a fight late one night after drinking and having an otherwise enjoyable time. This occurred in January 2021, only a few short months before filming the show began. It is stated that Brennon grabbed her by the arms and shoved her against the wall, which resulted in her hitting her head and becoming temporarily unconscious.
Brennon is accused of continuously striking her with both hands, pushing her, and scratching her when she regained consciousness. He also allegedly scratched her. The girl was able to get in touch with her mother, and her mother transported her to the emergency room, where she was examined and given a diagnosis of bruising and a concussion.
love is blind domestic violence
Even while the record has not been formally validated (to the best of my knowledge), the information is, at the very least, highly unsettling because any major media outlet has not covered it as of yet because the news is so fresh. For the previous information about the domestic violence related to Brennon.
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