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  1. 2015 - Pixie Cut
  2. 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
  3. 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards
  4. Sleek Ponytail
  5. Old Hollywood Glam
  6. 2017 Cannes Film Festival
  7. 2018 Governors Award
  8. Subtle-Glam Beauty
  9. 2018 Met Gala
  10. 2018 Paris Fashion Week
  11. 2019 Met Gala
  12. The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
  13. 2021 Golden Globe
  14. Valentino Aficionado
  15. What A Beauty!
  16. Elegant Beauty: Luxurious Red Velvet Dress

Lily Collins's Most Stunning Looks: A Mesmerizing Beauty Journey From 2015 To 2023

Step into the captivating world of Lily Collins, a realm where her hair and makeup become a canvas for artistic expression. Known for her role as Emily in Paris and celebrated as a star in her own right, Collins consistently serves up fun and distinctive beauty looks that leave a lasting impression on red carpets and movie premieres.
Guided by the talented hands of makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who skillfully enhances Collins' trademark brows and enchanting green eyes, the actress fearlessly embraces a diverse range of makeup styles. From sultry goth smokey eyes to vibrant Mod-inspired hues, Collins explores the endless possibilities of beauty with grace and flair.
In her most recent escapades, the British-American actress has taken to Instagram to share her awards season beauty moments with her 26.7 million followers. Undeterred by the absence of traditional red carpets, Collins needs no excuse to experiment with new glam looks.

#1. 2015 - Pixie Cut

Lily Collins best look Source: Getty
Back in 2015, Collins adorned her pixie cut with a veil cascading over a subtle cat-eye liner, perfectly paired with a vibrant tangerine lip color.

#2. 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Source: Getty
Adorned in a gold sequined dress, sleek wavy hair, and glossy lips, the actress graces the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, exuding a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the Roaring ‘20s.

#3. 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards

2017 Critics’ Choice Awards Source: Getty
At the 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards, Collins captivates in a Victorian-inspired high-neck lace ensemble, harmonized with wine-colored lips and eye makeup that exudes enchanting vampire vibes.

#4. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail Source: Getty
Donning deep purple lips, Collins perfects her beauty ensemble with a sleek, middle-parted ponytail that effortlessly highlights her thick, statement eyebrows.

#5. Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glam Source: Getty
Stepping onto the 2017 Oscars red carpet, the actress channels full Old Hollywood glam, showcasing a curled-in bob elegantly paired with minimal graphic winged eyeliner and a sophisticated wine-red lip.

#6. 2017 Cannes Film Festival

2017 Cannes Film Festival Source: Getty
Gracing the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Collins opts for a minimal makeup look. The actress keeps it understated on the eyes, adorning a soft blush pink shadow complemented by subtle black liner.

#7. 2018 Governors Award

2018 Governors Award Source: Getty
Accentuating her renowned lush eyebrows, Collins chooses a braided up-do, a glossy nude lip, and delicately shimmery eyeshadow for the 2018 Governors Awards.

#8. Subtle-Glam Beauty

Subtle-Glam Beauty Source: Getty
Enhancing her subtle-glam beauty look, the actress adorns a floral hairpiece that introduces a rosy palette, adding a touch of natural elegance.

#9. 2018 Met Gala

2018 Met Gala Source: Getty
Sporting a halo-like headpiece and a lone red tear, Collins makes a striking entrance at the 2018 Met Gala, embracing a gothic aesthetic that conquers the event's theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

#10. 2018 Paris Fashion Week

2018 Paris Fashion Week Source: Getty
During a 2018 Paris Fashion Week event, Collins embraces a vibrant beauty look that echoes the spirit of the '70s groove. The actress dons mint-green eyeshadow, expertly applied to the top lid, employing a distinctive technique reminiscent of the era.

#11. 2019 Met Gala

2019 Met Gala Source: Getty
In 2019, Collins flawlessly embodies the Met Gala theme "Camp: Notes on Fashion" with a striking eye makeup look featuring purple shadow and voluminous lashes. Her poufed hairstyle and dress pay homage to Priscilla Presley on her wedding day to rockstar Elvis, creating a captivating and dramatic ensemble.

#12. The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Source: Getty
Stepping onto The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Collins adds a vibrant touch with blue eyeshadow and a bold orange lip, creating a lively and colorful makeup ensemble.

#13. 2021 Golden Globe

In celebration of her 2021 Golden Globe Best Actress nomination for the titular role in the hit series Emily in Paris, Collins embraces glamour with cascading curls and a multi-color smokey eye, creating a stunning and celebratory look.

#14. Valentino Aficionado

In a recent Instagram post this January, Collins, a true Valentino aficionado, showcased a chic two-piece suit. The ensemble was accompanied by a deep mauve eyeshadow and impeccably sharp brows, accentuating her best features. What beauty move will the actress make next?
Will she bid farewell to her iconic brows, embracing the comeback of '90s-inspired ultra-thin eyebrows? Or might she join the trend of celebrities adopting a copper-red hair color this year? The answer remains a mystery, and we eagerly await her next beauty revelation.

#15. What A Beauty!

Radiant and enchanting, she embraces the arrival of Autumn on June 6, 2023.

#16. Elegant Beauty: Luxurious Red Velvet Dress

Elegant Beauty: Luxurious Red Velvet Dress
Lily Collins wears a luxurious red velvet dress in Shanghai - China at an event of a high-end jewelry brand on October 29, 2023.
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