Laugh Your Head Off With 32 Creations From The Land Of "Awful Taste, But Great Execution"

It is true that skill can be learned, but the taste cannot. However, the lack of taste does not seem to stop some people from creating absolutely ridiculous things with perfect execution. In fact, there is even a subreddit called Awful Taste But Great Execution that collects people's awful ideas executed flawlessly, and some of them are so terrible, they are almost great. So, if you have ever thought that a CVS receipt scarf or birthday cake decorated with all types of sh*t would be a good idea, this post is for you. Check out the people who executed awful ideas perfectly in the gallery below!
From trashy to useful-trashy to weird-trashy, here are the best examples of awful taste with great execution. Keep scrolling and laughing your head off; enjoy!

#1 "My sister got this for my colorblind brother"

Source: WeabooHater9136

#2 A good way to make sure nobody steals your luggage...

Source: Compact8909

#3 Jäger bomber costume:

Source: Thuck_My_Ballth

#4 CVS receipt scarf.

Source: M3D1ATED

#5 This epoxy "bad guy table"

Source: Sniper_Chicken_

#6 Oh no Nicholas, what is you doing??

Source: originalbigdickmcgee

#7 Formula 1 wheels on a bike:

Source: av_geek72

#8 Teach a man to fish... Then tattoo his leg.

Source: FreshlyCutGrass976

#9 M’lighter

Source: nosysister99

#10 Who needs a mask when you can have a personal ecosystem:

Source: reddit

#11 It’s like he is purposely trying to highlight all his bad features - high forehead, no chin.

Source: SomeNorwegianChick

#12 German police stops car with what turns out to be a blood sticker. No charges because "awful taste is not a crime".

Source: TomBaiRaise

#13 "My best mate made a shitty cake for my birthday"

Source: TaoTheCat

#14 "My friend went to a wedding where they had a guy handing out martini olives in a bathtub full of olives"

Source: devmikale

#15 Keyboard with cheese styled keycaps:

Source: Pinecone

#16 This Halloween costume:

Source: Wiffilus

#17 Low rider batmobile

Source: Gargoman

#18 Me: I’m having issues projecting my voice. Barber: Say no more...

Source: oistr

#19 Moon. Prism. Propane.

Source: Komplexs

#20 Oh my god I don’t even like pringles and I definitely would hang that up in my home.

Source: kolfa

#21 "I'll shoot you a text later"

Source: reddit

#22 Awful toast but great eggsecution:

Source: zaltair77

#23 Who had the time for this?!!

Source: condomonsteroid

#24 "Can I get my brand new van to look 20 years old? Thanks."

Source: ValdemarSt

#25 This haircut...

Source: ChipChimney

#26 So... wooden leg?

Source: vhantas

#27 Moldy fruit art using precious gems and stones:

Source: zombiefriedrice

#28 This custom Rolex:

Source: mycoandbio

#29 You’ve heard of Jorts now get ready for the Jong:

Source: anustickl

#30 Festive!

Source: Jfonzy

#31 A modern-day Atlas…

Source: ATBGE

#32 LOL, LOL

Source: ATBGE

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