25 Times Reddit Users Makes Me Wonder Whether I Should Laugh Or Cry At Their Situations

1. Double Facepalm
2. Ohhh a humidifier! I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time
3. How about buying a mirror?
4. Meatball sandwich.5. Maybe it's counterfeit cash that OP was trying to launder
6. It helps... against bike theft
7. Sofa king close, but also sofa king far
8. New Saw trap
9. Actually not a horrible idea…
10. Maybe you can track it all the way to the ocean before it reaches 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
11. Did you try putting the oatmeal in the bowl?
12. Mmmmm. Tastes like internal bleeding
13. That’s the delivery fee
14. Racket. Its called a racket.15. And the floor looks pretty clean…
16. Catch
17. Microwave and minifridge next to the shitter?
18. Don't fog-et to use your turn signals!
19. Should've noticed the "Crave The Crunchies" on the box...20. Meanwhile at the pizza place: "What type of freak orders a pizza with no sauce or cheese?"
21. Drag it and put it in the Recycling Bin
22. It's not skipping if you ask your parents if it's ok.23. Washing the bricks again?
24. I don't think that's honey.25. Looks like you ordered takeout from the prison cafeteria.

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