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  1. Natalie Zea As Eve Harris
  2. Eoin Macken As Gavin Harris
  3. Zyra Gorecki As Izzy Harris
  4. Chiké Okonkwo As Ty Coleman
  5. Jack Martin As Josh Harris
  6. Veronica St. Clair As Riley Velez
  7. Jon Seda As Sam Velez
  8. Rohan Mirchandaney As Scott Israni
  9. Lily Santiago As Veronica Castillo
  10. Josh McKenzie As Lucas Hayes

La Brea Season 3 Cast And Character Guide

La Brea is coming back for the 3rd season next week on NBC. While we are eager to see the final showdown in a mysterious world filled with dinosaurs and plot twists, let's take a look at the old beloved cast and see who's who for the run.

Natalie Zea As Eve Harris

Natalie Zea As Eve Harris Source: NBC
  • Natalie Zea rocks the role of Eve Harris in "La Brea season 3." She's the main character, juggling life as an office boss and a super careful mom. Her life goes totally topsy-turvy when she, along with her family, lands in a strange new place after tumbling into a sinkhole. Eve's all about keeping her hubby and kids out of harm's way, making her the heart of the show.
  • Zea's no newbie to TV acting, with a cool 45 roles under her belt. She sharpened her skills in a whopping 221 episodes of the soap opera "Passions." Then, she snagged a key role in "Dirty Sexy Money." You've probably seen her as Claire Matthews in the detective show "The Following," or as Winona Hawkins in "Justified" on FX, her biggest gig so far.

Eoin Macken As Gavin Harris

Eoin Macken As Gavin Harris Source: NBC
  • Eoin Macken, hailing from Ireland, stars as Gavin Harris, Eve's husband they're not together right now, in "La Brea." Before his family gets swooped up by the sinkhole, Gavin's head is filled with weird visions from way back in 10,000 B.C., making him think his army days might be linked to the crazy time-warp thing. Even though things are rocky with Eve, he's all in on keeping his kids safe and figuring out the show's big puzzle.
  • Macken's got a cool list of roles in movies and TV Shows from around the world. You might know him as Sir Gwaine in "Merlin," or as Dr. TC Callahan in the medical show "The Night Shift." "La Brea" is his third biggest TV gig, but movie buffs might also remember him from films like "Centurion," "The Cellar," "The Hole in the Ground," and "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter."

Zyra Gorecki As Izzy Harris

Zyra Gorecki As Izzy Harris Source: NBC
  • American actress and model Zyra Gorecki plays Eve and Gavin's tough daughter, Izzy Harris. A has a real amputation who lost a leg at age 14 because of a lumber accident, Gorecki makes it super believable as someone with the same situation as her character in the show. Although the character really loves her family, she often argues with her brother Josh and defends her father even when she wonders about his weird visions.
  • Despite being one of the newer actors in La Brea, Gorecki stands out with the veterans in the cast with her strong presence. Before being in the show, Gorecki had one episode of Chicago Fire. She was in a short movie called Every Other Weekend. Given her solid performance, bet we'll be seeing more of Gorecki in the future.

Chiké Okonkwo As Ty Coleman

Chiké Okonkwo As Ty Coleman Source: NBC
  • Chiké Okonkwo, an English actor, plays Dr. Ty Coleman in "La Brea." He's the guy who helps Eve handle her tough emotions. Ty's also dealing with his own stuff – finding out he has a brain tumor. But he keeps on helping others, even after he shuts down his practice. Keeping his cool in tough times, Ty acts like a wise buddy lifting Eve's spirits.
  • Okonkwo has been around with acting in recurring roles in shows like "Paradox," "Banshee," and "Being Mary Jane." But, "La Brea" is his biggest TV role so far in his career. He's also being the voice of Arthur Kingsley in a couple of Call of Duty video games. His movie gigs include the talked-about movie "The Birth of a Nation," "The Program," "Blindfire," and "Burning Sands."

Jack Martin As Josh Harris

Jack Martin As Josh Harris Source: NBC
  • Jack Martin, an American actor, plays Josh Harris in "La Brea." He's the witty son of Eve and Calvin, often lightening the mood with his humor. Josh also shows different facets of his character when he needs to grow up fast in the sinkhole.
  • Before getting his role in La Brea, Jack hadn't done much acting. His experience includes playing a high schooler in the short film "In This, Our Time," and appearing in a single episode of the new legal drama "All Rise" on the OWN network. With a huge step to 24 episodes in La Brea, his career is more promising than ever.

Veronica St. Clair As Riley Velez

Veronica St. Clair As Riley Velez Source: NBC
  • Veronica plays Riley Velez, one of Josh's best pals. Their story takes a turn when they're taken to another time after falling into the sinkhole, where they work together to find a way back to their families. Riley's dad is Sam Velez, a doctor and ex-Navy SEAL with connections to Gavin.
  • Velez was fairly new to acting before joining "La Brea." Her roles included a part in the 2018 movie "To the Beat!" and one-time appearances in the miniseries "Unbelievable". She also appeared in the notorious Netflix's "13 Reasons Why". While "La Brea" is her most prominent role yet, she's recently got a leading role in the romantic comedy "Maybe It's You."

Jon Seda As Sam Velez

Jon Seda As Sam Velez Source: NBC
  • American actor Jon Seda portrays Dr. Sam Velez, Riley's dad, who works as a general physician. Thanks to his military background and strategic approach to problem-solving, Sam serves in a leadership role after the sinkhole incident. In addition to protecting his daughter, Sam also proves himself to be a man of big heart who risks his life to save Josh from wolves and Veronica from anaphylactic shock.
  • A former amateur boxer, Seda transitioned to acting after being offered a role in the 1992 boxing movie Gladiator. Since then, he has starred in Selena, The Pacific, Treme, and more. However, Seda's most lasting role to date includes playing commanding officer Antonio Dawson in Chicago Fire and its spinoff, Chicago P.D., appearing in more than 150 episodes collectively.

Rohan Mirchandaney As Scott Israni

Rohan Mirchandaney As Scott Israni Source: NBC
  • Australian actor Rohan Mirchandaney plays Scott Israni in the sci-fi series. He's a grad student in anthropology who doubles as a tour guide at the George C. Page Museum for the La Brea Tar Pits. When not busy with artifacts or tours, Scott's often seen chilling out with a bit of weed, adding some humor to the show.
  • Mirchandaney's acting career started with short films. He gained more visibility in 2017 and 2018 with roles in TV series like "House Husbands" and "Mystery Road." His most notable role so far was as Chef Manu in "Hotel Mumbai," opposite Dev Patel. This memorable part looks set to bring Mirchandaney more roles in movies in the near future.

Lily Santiago As Veronica Castillo

Lily Santiago As Veronica Castillo Source: NBC
  • Lily Santiago, an American actress, stars as Veronica Castillo in "La Brea." Veronica is a young girl misled by a kidnapper named Aaron, who she thinks is her dad. After Aaron's death from a wolf attack, Veronica turns deeply religious and vows to protect her adopted sister, Lilly, from any danger.
  • Playing Veronica, Santiago nails one of the show's more challenging roles. Her acting debut was in the underrated HBO movie "Lackawanna Blues" back in 2005. She then took a break from TV until 2021, with a role in "Screwed." "La Brea" is definitely her breakout role, but she's already landed a part in the upcoming miniseries "Viral."

Josh McKenzie As Lucas Hayes

Josh McKenzie As Lucas Hayes Source: NBC
  • New Zealand actor Josh McKenzie portrays Lucas Hayes in "La Brea." Lucas is a bit of a rebel, dealing hard drugs while resenting his mom, Marybeth. The tense relationship between him and his mother adds a lot of drama to the series.
  • McKenzie's career has had certain experiences in TV before. He's had roles in shows like "Good Grief," "Five Bedrooms," "The Sounds," and "Bad Mothers." Recently, he took on a lead role in the crime thriller "Home Kills," which premiered in New Zealand in August 2023.
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