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  1. Did Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Break Up? What's Really Going On?
  2. Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss's Love Story

Did Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Break Up? Are They Still Together?

Kristel Fulgar, a big name in the Filipino Entertainment industry, and her boyfriend, Yohan Kim, also known as Big Boss, are being talked about for possibly splitting up.

Did Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss Break up? People are guessing this because of the clear lack of them being seen together on social media since their last TikTok video on December 27, 2023. Here's the truth!

Key Takeaways:

  • Speculation about Kristel Fulgar and Yohan Kim's breakup arose from their social media silence, with no confirmed evidence to support these rumors.
  • Fans are split between concern and hope, reminiscing about the couple's past shared moments.
  • Their relationship, starting in 2018, is noted for blending cultures and showcasing shared life goals on social media.

Did Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Break Up? What's Really Going On?

Source: YouTube/KrisTells Vlogs

As of writing, there's no solid proof that Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss broke up. The main reason for these rumors is that they haven't posted recent social media posts as a couple.

The recent developments, or rather the lack thereof, in Kristel Fulgar and Yohan Kim's relationship have sparked a flurry of reactions among their fanbase. The absence of the couple's usual online interactions has not gone unnoticed, leading to a wave of speculation and concern from their followers.

Fans of Kristel and Yohan, who have been accustomed to seeing their regular updates and affectionate posts, are now left in a state of suspense. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and theories about the current state of their relationship.

Did Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Break UpSource: YouTube/KrisTells Vlogs

Some fans are expressing worry, fearing that the lack of recent posts might indicate a split. They reminisce about the couple's happier times and share clips and images from their previous posts, holding onto the memories of what once was.On the other hand, there's a segment of the fanbase that is speculating more optimistically.

They suggest that the couple might be taking a break from the public eye, focusing on their personal lives away from the constant scrutiny of social media.This group of fans often shares messages of support and respect for the couple's privacy, emphasizing that public figures also deserve their personal space.


Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss's Love Story

Source: YouTube/KrisTells Vlogs
The relationship between Kristel Fulgar and Yohan Kim, affectionately known as Big Boss, has been an amazing story of mixing of cultures. Their love story began in an unexpected way. Kristel, on her way to South Korea, never thought this trip would be the start of an important part of her life.
Yohan Kim, a well-known South Korean businessman and the CEO of Face Republic, a cosmetics company, was instantly impressed by Kristel's fluency in Korean. This surprising meeting turned into a friendship that soon became romantic.
Their relationship, starting around 2018, quickly grabbed the interest of their fans, who not only loved their affection for each other but also how they connected different cultures.
Kristel, with her strong presence in the Filipino entertainment industry, and Yohan, with his business skills, found similar interests in their ambitions and life goals. This was clear in their social media posts, where they often shared bits of their life together, from simple dates to travel experiences, giving their followers a peek into their world.
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