Kids' Epic Fails That Will Make You Go "Oh Sh*t, Here We Go Again"

Kids, bless their little hearts, are walking epic fails just waiting to happen. It's like they have a sixth sense of finding trouble, and they never disappoint. Whether it's classic "Oops, I spilled my chocolate milk all over the white carpet" or attempting to do a backflip off the couch, there's never a dull moment when you're a parent. It's like playing a game of "what could possibly go wrong?" with your mini-me, and the answer is always "everything." So buckle up, parents, because when your little one looks at you with that mischievous grin, you know it's about to be another "oh sh*t, here we go again" moment.
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#1. Kids are great...

Source: Reinventing_

#2. "Apparently my child was enticed by the irresistible lotion pump"

Source: LoveYerBrain2

#3. For a "potty accident," this sounds pretty damn potty intentional.

Source: erwin4200

#4. It's a perfect hiding spot! You could hide there for the rest of your life!

Source: greenbaybud

#5. "My 10-year-old made Easy Mac and now the whole house stinks."

Source: RedditTrollin

#6. Is that a soap???

Source: herdofkittens

#7. How did they put jellybeans in there???

Source: Blue_Nyx07

#8. Look at that smile, she knows what she's doing.

Source: UrameshiYuusuke

#9. Not again...

Source: fapswhiledriving

#10. Hmm...

Source: Unknown

#11. This is what parenting really looks like:

Source: Caveman007

#12. Pours a brand new bag of chips into dog bowl, just to eat it out of the bowl...

Source: GABBY21leo

#13. You can hear the sound from here.

Source: Unknown

#14. Bon appetit.

Source: tonybagels1

#15. I-...

Source: samofny

#16. Dude...

Source: AquaberryOctobro

#17. "Not again Manda!!"

Source: xahoi

#18. Whoops!

Source: Unknown

#19. Oh...

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#20. This kid is going places

Source: omfg

#21. I'm no expert, but don't children need to breath?

Source: fayroseahmed

#22. Life...

Source: Unknown

#23. Kids : 0. Paint : 1

Source: Oskun879

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