Kids Don't Come With An Instruction Manual, As Proved In These Pictures

As parents, we all want to bring the best things to our kids, from an adequate education to a full and healthy life. Also, we try our best to educate them to grow up to be decent human beings who can contribute back to society. But don't think this tiny wish is easily achievable because parenting is full of failures, especially since kids don't come with an instruction manual. There will be times when you spot your babies saying or doing questionable and super weird things.
We have compiled a list of funny pictures of kids doing bizarre things. For example, one kid cuts holes in her socks because her feet get hot. Another thinks that he is one of the dogs and then eats as way dogs do. The list goes on and on. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. Don't forget to vote for your favs. For more laughs, check out 19 Pics That Prove Kids Are A Lot More Fun When They’re Not Actually Yours.

#1. My daughter mistook her frosty for her drink. When it didn’t come out she just kept lifting it higher. I jumped into action and started taking pictures

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: Dwingp

#2. My son's car accident a few years ago

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: wombat_hats31

#3. My five-year-old daughter cut holes in her socks just in case her feet get hot

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: GypsyCub

#4. Subtlety is not one of my son’s strong suits

Source: Pharestofall

#5. My sons Christmas drawing for his teacher

Source: siggycassidy

#6. So I caught my son making “potions”

Source: bigj1227

#7. My daughter has always been a "think later" kinda girl

Source: TheDiscoStud

#8. This is pure torture and they’re just feeling it

Source: intohishead

#9. My son thinks he's one of the dogs

Source: Beboobooped

#10. "Oh! This park has so much beautiful art!" my 4-year-old daughter exclaimed

Source: NeedsMoreTuba

#11. My niece just got upgraded from a crib to a single bed…

Source: Tarndra99

#12. Opened the fridge to find out my 3yo decided to help me put the eggs in it

Source: Khristynna

#13. My daughter tripped and feel 2 days ago at the library. I had knee surgery and now she is vicariously experiencing her pain through me

Source: peternemr

#14. My wife showed me this photo she took of our daughters. “That’s cute, they’re copying each other” I said. Then she zoomed in to me (purple hoodie). Made me smile

Source: Technicholl

#15. Temper tantrum because he can't make gloves fit his feet

Source: strongmier

#16. Coworkers daughter tried picking the lock to his car and got the barrette stuck

Source: Trizzyy809

#17. My daughter got her head stuck in the door, she was the one holding the door closed

Source: blacksmithwolf

#18. Told my son to make sure he uses a clip to close the chip bag when he is done. Malicious compliance?

Source: simonsaysthink

#19. My son thought this light switch would control the lights in the store

Source: IHateDolphins

#20. Daughter found my pile of wipes. Now they’re everywhere!!! Wtf

Source: Formal_Fix_5190

#21. I feel bad posting my own son here but he chooses to dress like this most days

Source: Mofomania

#22. On Valentine’s Day, my son decided to show me his first Magic trick how to make a coin disappear............1 X-ray later I found it

Source: Ordinary-Possession4

#23. My daughter was furious that we wouldn’t let her keep a handful of coins in her mouth

Source: SleepyGary5

#24. My daughter backed into a light pole and promptly got out of the vehicle and fled the scene. Her very first hit and run

Source: Grace-Face13

#25. So, my daughter did a magic trick with our last TP roll...

Source: ranman247

#26. My daughters aren’t supposed to be playing on the iPads right now...

Source: dncrews

#27. My son refused to drink his milk from a cup

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: [deleted]

#28. This keeps happening to her

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: Lack_Potential

#29. Why is your son upset??

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: Prince_3

#30. My son was sooooo happy when we finally let him hold the controller

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: Pandamom0711

#31. My son, attempting to climb the stairs while sitting in a chair

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: Jwgotti

#32. Daughter got upset and slammed her face into the couch where it stayed

Kids Don't Come With An Instruction ManualSource: Pupupthin

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