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  1. Kerri Seekins-Crowe's Daughter: Ashley Crowe
  2. Kerri Seekins-Crowe's Son: Chandler Crowe
  3. Kerri Seekins-Crowe Political Background

Meet Kerri Seekins-Crowe’s Children: Chandler And Ashley Crowe

Kerri Seekins-Crowe, a Montana House of Representatives member, is a proud mom to two amazing children, Chandler and Ashley. Ashley is a brave military service member who's currently serving her country overseas, whereas Chandler's information is extremely limited.

Kerri is incredibly proud of her daughters' accomplishments and their unwavering support for her. Back in April 2023, she found herself in the middle of a controversy surrounding her comments about Ashley's suicidal thoughts. After the incident, public opinions quickly turned against Seekins-Crowe, while some asking for the health and safety of her children, Ashley Crowe and Chandler Crowe.


Kerri Seekins-Crowe's Daughter: Ashley Crowe

kerri seekins crowe daughter chandler Source: Google Image

Back in March 2023, during a speech on Montana House floor, Montana legislator Kerri Seekins-Crowe made a viral statement on the contentious topic of mental health and transgenderism, declaring that she would rather risk Ashley Crowe, her daughter's suicide than allow her to transition.

The Republican did not expressly state that her daughter was transgender, but she did state that she was a parent dealing with a suicidal daughter: "My daughter is not transgender. She was never considering any kind of transitioning, and I never said that, and yet every story, every clip, automatically assumed she was."

In a social media post, Ashley Crowe also spoke up, clarifying that she is not a transgender and had never had any intention to transition.

Kerri Seekins-Crowe's Son: Chandler Crowe

Kerri Seekins-Crowe's Son: Chandler Crowe Source: kerri406crowe
Chandler Crowe is a 29-year-old man who defied the odds and lived a full life. He was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 before he was born, a condition that usually causes severe birth defects and early death. His mother, Kerri Seekin Crow, decided to give him a chance and refused to terminate her pregnancy. She never regretted that choice. She always loved him with all her heart and supported him in every step of his journey. She was proud of the man he became and the family he created. Chandler grew up to be a loving and caring person, who married his high school sweetheart and became a father of two beautiful children. He is also a loyal son, brother and friend to many. Chandler celebrates every day as a gift and inspires others with his courage and joy.

Kerri Seekins-Crowe Political Background

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Kerri Seekins-Crowe was a real estate agent before entering politics, and before that, she worked as a customer service representative for Delta Air Lines. She also taught business as an adjunct professor at Montana Billings State University, Athens Technical College, Truett McConnell University, Bauder College, and Coastal Carolina Community College.

Her political career, however, began as an adviser to Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. She rose to prominence in politics after being elected to the Montana State House.

Kerri Seekins-Crowe also serves on many committees, including the Economy and Labor Committee, the Education Committee, and State Administration Committee.

The state legislator is also a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative political group that advocates for minimal government, free markets, and federalism.

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