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  1. Kelly Clarkson frankly shares her shower habit.
  2. Discuss shower etiquette.
  3. The admission caused a debate among fans.

Fans Share Disgust Over Kelly Clarkson's Surprising Shower Habits

Born in Texas, Kelly Clarkson got attention after winning the first season of “American Idol” in 2002. She has since become a Grammy Award-winning artist known for hits like “Since U Been Gone.” Apart from her successful music career, Clarkson hosts “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” where she shares her vibrant personality with audiences.
Kelly Clarkson recently stirred up reactions with her honest revelation about her showering habits. During a fascinating interview with Kenan Thompson, the popular “Saturday Night Live” comedian, Clarkson's confession has sparked lively discussions among fans and the public.
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Kelly Clarkson frankly shares her shower habit.

On an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show on December 6, host Kelly Clarkson and guest Kenan Thompson had a candid chat about a 'shower advice' segment in Thompson's book. 
In a clip circulating on YouTube, Thompson talked about the common habit of 'brushing your teeth in the shower' as a time-saving tactic. Clarkson quickly jumped in, clarifying that she doesn't regularly brush her teeth in the shower but does it when she's in a hurry. She explained, “Now, I do happen to be in a hurry often... That’s where I’m at. That’s my choice.”
Kelly Clarkson frankly shares her shower habit. Source: Getty Images
Thompson was strongly against the idea of brushing teeth in the shower, calling it 'gross.' He didn't just leave it there; he added, “I don’t do that. And I think it’s like when people talk about washing your legs in the shower — you’ve got to do it all the way, right? Don’t just forget about your ankles.”

Discuss shower etiquette.

Kelly Clarkson openly discussed a time-saving habit Source: Getty Images
Clarkson's open admission about occasionally brushing her teeth in the shower sparked an interesting conversation. Her straightforward way of talking about daily routines connected with audiences, highlighting her relatable perspective despite being a celebrity.
Kelly Clarkson openly discussed a time-saving habit on her show—peeing in the shower. The debate on whether it's okay to do so has always been a hot topic, but Clarkson's confession has sparked even more discussion. She casually mentioned that she pees in the shower to save time in her busy morning routine, causing people worldwide to talk about it. “You can’t help it,” the singer chuckled. “The hot water hits your body...I gotta go. I feel productive.”
Kenan Thompson Source: Getty Images
When Kenan Thompson joined the talk on the show, things got even more interesting. While he didn't outright criticize the act, he playfully admitted to feeling a bit embarrassed about occasionally brushing his teeth in the shower. His humorous perspective added a different twist to the conversation, blending jokes with a touch of societal expectations and personal feelings.
“I’m not against it, but when I do it, I always feel so ashamed. I would lie if I said I had never done it, but I try not to,” the comedian shared with a chuckle.

The admission caused a debate among fans.

Kelly Clarkson's shower habit leave some fans dsgusted Source: Getty Images
After the episode, not everyone took Kelly Clarkson's shower habits lightly. Fans and viewers flooded the YouTube comments with diverse opinions. The debate was split: some found the idea of peeing in the shower, a place linked to cleanliness, hard to accept, while others fully supported Clarkson's approach.
Kelly Clarkson Source: Getty Images
Many fans unhesitatingly defend her. One person wrote, “The peeing in the shower thing, I actually feel the same way. Oftentimes, I try not to do it, but if I am going to do it, I aim for the drain at a close distance.” Another added, “Not even a fan of hers. But this makes me like her. Who hasn’t peed in the shower?!”
However, some found it grossing and felt disgusted. A person wrote, “Both are gross” while some commented, “Ewwwww. Never.”
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