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  1. How Old Is Kaydon Boebert?
  2. Lauren Boebert's Shocking Claim To How She Has Kaydon
  3. What Do We know About His Siblings And Family?

Who Is Kaydon Boebert: Far-Right Congresswoman Laurent Boebert’s Son?

During a House Oversight and Accountability hearing on May 23, congresswoman Lauren Boebert shared a personal anecdote, saying, something along the lines of having a kid is cheaper than birth control and that's why she has her third son Kaydon Boebert. The statement is rather bizarre and controversial, to be honest.

FYI, Lauren Boebert is representing Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, she's a Republican known for controversial views, support for Trump, and firearm advocacy. If you are curious about her son Kaydon, then here's everything we know.


How Old Is Kaydon Boebert?

How Old Is Kaydon Boebert? Source: Google Images

Kaydon Boebert is the third son of Lauren Boebert. His mother dropped out of high school during her senior year in 2004 when she had his eldest brother Tyler; she earned a GED certificate in 2020, a month before her first election primary.

Kaydon was born in July 2009, which makes him 14 years old as of November 2023. He was born in the front seat of his father's truck when they were on the way to the hospital. As for Kaydon Boebert’s personal life, there is no public information as he is a minor focusing on studying and doing teen stuff.


Lauren Boebert's Shocking Claim To How She Has Kaydon

Kaydon Boebert’s Parents Source: Google Images

Lauren Boebert was elected to Congress in 2020. She is known for her outspoken views on gun rights, immigration, abortion, and other issues. During a House Oversight and Accountability hearing in May of 2023, Rep. Lauren Boebert cited the price of birth control as the reason for his conception (but she is happy nonetheless):

“I once forgot a prescription at a pharmacy. I was picking up birth control, and when I went to pay, the cost was surprisingly high. I asked if it was a three- or six-month supply, but they told me it was just for one month. I thought having a kid would be cheaper, so I left it there. Now, I have my third son, Kaydon Boebert, and it turned out to be a really great thing.”


What Do We know About His Siblings And Family?

Lauren Boebert Jayson Boebert Source: Google Images

Kadyon's father is Jayson Boebert. Jayson and Lauren met in 2003 when Lauren was working at McDonald's and Jayson was working at an oil rig. They got married in 2005 and have four sons together: Tyler Bobert (19), Brody Bobert (16), Kaydon Bobert (14), and Roman Bobert (11).

Lauren is also the owner of Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, where staff and customers are encouraged to carry firearms. Jayson now helps his wife run their restaurant. He has a criminal record for public indecency and lewd exposure in 2004, to which he pleaded guilty and served four days in jail and two years' probation. He later faced backlash as news emerged that one of his sons called the police to report him for abuse.

In her memoir, Lauren Boebert wrote that she fell in love with Jayson immediately and knew he was the man she was meant to be with forever. She also wrote that they shared a strong faith in God and a passion for freedom and the Constitution. 

However, in May 2023, Lauren Boebert filed for divorce from Jayson, citing "irreconcilable differences". She announced the split on Twitter, saying that it was "with a heavy weight on my heart" and that she hoped for privacy and respect for their family.

Growing up facing controversy and questionable views from parents is something not everyone can understand, I personally wish Kaydon the best and hope that he will be a great man someday, or at least, don't say anything that is remotely unsensible like his mom did.

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