Kanye West : 7 Shocking Moments In His Interview With Alex Jones

Kanye West appeared on InfoWars on Thursday to chat with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about his recent problems, and the conversation was more shocking than expected. Jones broadcasted his conversation with West, also known as Ye, live on his website InfoWars. West declared that he "sees good in Hitler" and that he "brings good to the table."
Even Jones was disturbed by West's anti-Semitic and worrisome speech, attempting to counter the rapper's claims that he is "not on the whole Jew issue." Here are some of the more outrageous moments from the interview.

#1. West Says "Sees Good Things In Hitler".

West Says "I Loves Hitler".Source: Twitter

Jones sympathized with West's statements about the blowback he got for making anti-Semitic remarks in recent weeks. "You're not a Nazi, you don't deserve to be called that and demonized," Jones said.
West, on the other hand, disagreed with Jones' comparison and began raving about his views against Adolf Hitler, the German dictator responsible for the Holocaust, in which six million Jews were exterminated. "Well, I see good things about Hitler also, I love everyone," West said before purporting a conspiracy theory about Jewish people.
"Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler," West added.

#2. West Then Declares "I Like Hitler".

Shocking Moments In Kanye's Alex Jones InterviewSource: Twitter

Shortly before cutting to a commercial break, Jones attempted to denounce Nazis by saying he "doesn't like Nazis". As the cameras panned up on the two men sitting behind a desk, West could be heard declaring, "I like Hitler" as InfoWars cut to a commercial.
West added that people need to "stop dissing the Nazis" because "they did good things too," after Jones called Nazis "thugs".

#3. West Uses A Net As A Puppet.

At one point in the interview, West brought out a net to mimic Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Using a high-pitched voice and shaking the net around, West insinuated Netanyahu is "controlling banks, history books, and killing people."

Shocking Moments In Kanye's Alex Jones InterviewSource: Twitter

Stuttering while trying to find the words, Jones adds, "hopefully you're going to take your mask off because is that Ye here?"

#4. West Tells Laura Loomer Not To "Trash Milo".

During the broadcast, far-right conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer contacted West's cell phone to discuss his presidential candidacy.

West Tells Laura Loomer "Trash Milo".Source: Twitter

While on the phone, West told Loomer not to "trash milo," a reference to far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.

#5. West Says He's Going To Let Alex Jones And Nick Fuentes Tweet From His Account.

While speaking about free speech, West calls out Elon Musk for not reactivating Jones or Fuentes' Twitter accounts.
"Right now, ok, Nick Fuentes doesn't have a Twitter account, Alex Jones doesn't have a Twitter account but hey guess what Elon, I got a Twitter, and today I'm going to have Nick and Alex tweet from my account," West said.

Kanye's Alex Jones InterviewSource: Twitter

 "You like that Ari Emanuel?" West added, speaking to Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor who urged companies to stop working with West.
The room went silent for several moments before Jones said, "I'm all about free speech."

#6. West Says He "Loves Jewish People" And "Also Nazis".

Kanye loves nazisSource: Twitter

After Jones declared Nazis bad, West requested that the term "evil" be separated from "Nazis" to protect the group. "Just because you don't like one group doesn't imply the other-," Jones remarked.
"I adore Jewish people, but I also love Nazis," West said. Jones busted out laughing before disputing with him.

#7. West Doubles Down On His Love For Hitler.

Jones attempted to clarify West's statements about Hitler by getting the rapper to agree he only "likes the uniforms" and nothing else about Hitler.

Kanye's Alex Jones InterviewSource: Twitter

However, West confirmed, in an exaggerated tone, that "there’s a lot of things I love about Hitler. A lot of things."
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