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  1. Kaitlin Becker’s Date Of Birth
  2. Kaitlin Becker, Meekah On Blippi
  3. Kaitlin Becker’s Net Worth & Career
  4. Kaitlin Becker’s Sexuality & Wife

Kaitlin Becker's Enigmatic Quick Bio & Her Unforgettable Blippi Adventure

Hey, folks! Let's buckle up for an exciting voyage through the vibrant life and incredible journey of Kentucky native Kaitlin Becker, known for her roles on NBC's Sprout Network and TV series like Sunny Side Up and Blippi's Treehouse. She has sparked curiosity about her life outside the limelight.

Today, let Leona be your tour guide, and we're about to enter Kaitlin's life, uncover some fascinating quick facts, and discover the magical world of Blippi, where she shines. Are you ready to explore the unknown?


Kaitlin Becker’s Date Of Birth

Kaitlin Becker Source: Google Images
Here are some quick facts about Kaitlin Becker:
  • Actress playing Meekah on "Blippi"
  • Notable for her role on "Blippi's Treehouse" and the "Blippi" TV series.
  • Estimated net worth above $1 million in 2023.
  • Background in musical theater and theater performances.
  • Worked at NBCUniversal Media, LLC from 2013 to 2017.
  • Born in 1984, making her 39 years old in 2023.
  • American nationality, raised in northern Kentucky.
  • Married to partner Kelly Martin, celebrated 11th wedding anniversary in 2023.
  • Open about LGBTQ+ identity and journey.
  • Proud parent to son Everett Francis.
  • Stands at approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Kaitlin Becker, Meekah On Blippi

Along with Cashae Monya, Kaitlin Becker is the actress who brought the lovable character Meekah to life on the popular YouTube show Blippi. But how did Kaitlin land this exciting role?

The Unexpected Email

Kaitlin's adventure began when she received an email from Moonbug Productions, a name unfamiliar to her. They recommended her for a character they were creating.

Kaitlin recalled, "‘Hey, some people who know you from Sunny Side Up are recommending you for this character we’re creating. Can we meet?’ And I was like, man, kid stuff. Like New York, you know, I don’t know what my problem is, but they said, ‘Can we please just meet with you?’”

A Zoom Meeting And Blippi Discovery

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their first meeting took place over Zoom. Moonbug Productions asked Kaitlin if she had ever heard of Blippi, and she said she had never heard this name before. She later stumbled upon Blippi printed on underwear at a Target store. This intrigued her, and she decided to meet with the team in Los Angeles.

The Beginning Of Meekah's Journey

After auditions and discussions, Kaitlin decided that she would be part of Blippi. She embarked on filming Blippi's Treehouse with Amazon children.


Meekah's Rise To Fame

Kaitlin first appeared as a supporting character, Meekah, on Blippi's YouTube channel. Her popularity soared, which helped her have more opportunities. She then appeared in the Amazon spin-off series Blippi’s Treehouse and the official Blippi TV series, both launched in 2021. Meekah even starred in the 2023 film, Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure.

Educational Focus On YouTube

In 2022, a Meekah-specific YouTube channel @BlippiBuddies_Meekah focusing on children's education was launched. The channel now has over 1.25 million subscribers as of 2023. She also has two Instagram accounts @theofficialmeekah with about 22.6K followers and @kaitlinbex with 24.2K followers.

Meekah On Netflix

After receiving approval in 2022, a Netflix series called Meekah has now been uploaded to the streaming service. The first season has 28 episodes, in which Meekah is the main character and her friend Blippi often makes cameo appearances. The show's renewal in August 2023 helped it attract a wider audience.


Kaitlin Becker’s Net Worth & Career

Kaitlin Becker’s Net Worth Source: Google Images

In 2023, Kaitlin Becker is on track to hit a million-dollar net worth. Starting with high school musicals, she pursued a degree in musical theater at Northern Kentucky University. From babysitting to roles at the Goddard School, she fortified her finances and gained valuable education insights.

After a New York stint, Kaitlin's acting career soared with roles in "Kid's Life" and "Sunny Side Up." Beyond screens, she conquered stages nationwide and earned NBC's Sprout Network acclaim.

Her skills extend to improv, sketch comedy, music, and TV, recognized by NBC's Sprout Network. Kaitlin trained with experts like Paul Liberty and Barry Shapiro, excelling in voice acting and acting.

LinkedIn reveals her versatility: from 2013 to 2017, she managed programs at NBCUniversal Media, LLC, showcasing her dynamic expertise in the media industry.


Kaitlin Becker’s Sexuality & Wife

In the world of showbiz, Kaitlin Becker is a beacon of talent and charisma, captivating audiences with her performances on NBC's Sprout Network and iconic TV series like Sunny Side Up and Blippi's Treehouse. Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour, the burning question remains – what about Kaitlin's own love story?

Marriage is a topic that often piques curiosity, and Kaitlin doesn't leave her fans hanging. The actress, a proud representative of the LGBTQ+ community, is happily hitched to Kelly Martin, a New York-based educator and music tutor. 

Indeed, Kaitlin proudly identifies as a lesbian, openly sharing her journey of self-discovery and acceptance with the public. While the exact timeline of when she embraced her identity remains undisclosed, Kaitlin has consistently been an advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility, bringing visibility to her own experiences. Their love story is a testament to acceptance and joy, but the details of how they met and the beginnings of their journey remain tantalizingly mysterious.

The LGBT Couple's Love-To-Marriage Journey

Love & Marriage Of KaitlinSource: Google Image

Kaitlin's wife, Kelly Martin, is an accomplished musical director and program director at Jersey Productions Inc. in Villa Hills, KY. She holds degrees in Music Teacher Education and Music History, with diverse experience in roles like choir director and teaching artist.

Kaitlin and Kelly, married in 2011, celebrated their 9th anniversary in 2020, emphasizing the importance of family support in their joyous union.

In summary, while occasional glimpses of Kaitlin Becker and Kelly Martin's married life surface on social media, they prioritize privacy. Their commitment stands as a testament to enduring love, inspiring within and beyond the LGBTQ+ community.
Kaitlin Becker's remarkable contributions to children's Entertainment and education, notably as Meekah in "Blippi," have inspired young minds globally. Beyond the screen, her impact resonates, making her beloved among both children and parents.
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