Justin Bieber Urged Fans Not To Buy "Trash" Merch Using His Images At H&M

The Canadian superstar Justin Bieber spoke out this week against H&M, saying that he didn’t give “approval” to the giant clothing retailer using his name and images in its latest merchandise. However, the fast-clothing retailer has claimed that it has all the rights to use Justin's imagery as the company signed a contract with the artist in 2016. A few days later, a representative for H&M told the press that the company decided to take down the clothes from its stores and online shop following the criticism.
What's exactly happening then? Keep on reading to learn more about this fracas.

#1. Justin Bieber calls on fans not to buy H&M's products featuring his images and songs

justin-bieber-HMSource: Marca

This week, Justin Bieber posted an Instagram story, sharing with his 270 million followers that: "The H&M merch they made of me is trash and I didn't approve it," he later added another story "SMH, I wouldn’t buy it if I were you."
H&M's stores were offering hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts using his name, images, and quotes from his lyrics such as "I miss you more than life" from the song "Ghost" and charging prices between $49.80-$114. The giant retailer has taken down the collection since the fracas.

#2. H&M removed Justin Bieber's merchandise

justin-bieber-HMSource: Sportskeeda

On Thursday, the Swedish clothes retailer said in a statement that it had all the right to sell Justin Bieber merchandise as the company has signed a contract with him since 2016, “Justin’s license holder has confirmed that H&M had the right contracts in place and followed all proper approval procedures for each selected design. ”H&M also added, “Out of respect for Justin, we removed the products from our site and stores, and we’re working to find the best way to make use of them.”

#3. Justin Bieber co-founded Drew House

drew houseSource: Complex

Six years ago, H&M collaborated with Justin on a line of clothes when he started his world tour. However, since then the Ghost singer has taken his own interest in fashion. Two years later, he and Ryan Good co-founded Drew House, a Gen Z streetwear brand in 2018. The company offers a high-end clothing line, including oversized mascot hoodies, sweatpants, and slippers with simple but elegant designs, taken smiley face logo, and bright colors as the main themes.
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