Justin Bieber Sold His Music Rights For $200 Million To Overcome His Financial Crisis

In recent days, WSJ reported that Justin Bieber sold his music rights to Hipgnosis Music for $200 million. The press claims that the superstar is running short of money, and needs liquidity to fix his financial problems. If the deal was done, Justin will become the youngest musician to sell his works at the age of 28.
Why did Justin sell his music catalog? Is he running out of money? Keep on reading to find out more.

#1. Justin Bieber sold his music catalog up to $200 million

justin bieber sold music rightsSource: iHeart

In recent days, The Wall Street Journal has reported the Canadian singer has sold his music rights to Hipgnosis Music for an amount of 200 million dollars. This would make him, to be the youngest artist to sell his music catalog at the age of 28.
Generally, the sale of catalog rights is usually done by musicians with long careers, such as Bob Dylon, Sting, or Fleetwood Mac, all of them are over 60. However, in recent years, selling rights have been common in practice as album sales have dropped. This has also made artists become dependent on tours to earn money.

#2. Justin Bieber’s canceled Justice World Tour has hit his finances hardly

justin bieber-justice-world-tourSource: Just Jared

 In recent years, Justin has canceled several concerts due to different reasons, including the Covid-19 pandemic. In September this year, the superstar posted on his Instagram story to inform his fans that he has to postpone his Justice World Tour because of his health issues. That was not the first time Justin took a break from his concerts. In the past few years, the Ramsay Hunt syndrome has kept him from performing.
As the WSJ reported, Justin will split a large portion of $200 million with his collaborators as he doesn’t generally comprise his songs solo, but with others.

#3. Justin Bieber’s running out of money

justin-hailey-bieberSource: The Independent

 According to some sources close to the Mistletoe singer say he’s short of money as a result of his lavish lifestyle, which he doesn’t seem to be willing to decrease. And this causes him a headache as he needs to have the liquidity to fix his financial problems. We don’t know if this rumor was true or not, but there is one thing for sure Justin Bieber’s estimated net worth is up to $300 million.
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