Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear These Horrible Dresses

Anyone of us has a unique taste in fashion. While some follow minimalism and prefer the basic styles, others tend to choose more complicated ones with lots of frills. Maybe they just want to stand out from the crowd. However, they don't know that those dresses don't look great on them. Instead of choosing what suits their coloring and body shape, they just do the opposite. And sometimes, they end up looking funny in horrible dresses.
The "You can't just slap some fabric together and call it a dress" Facebook group is devoted to "making make fun of especially terrible wedding dresses." We have compiled a list of the most horrible dresses from that group. Scroll down and enjoy a fabulous laugh with us. We've already written about this topic before. So if you want more laughs, check out 28 Hilarious Clothing Disasters That Will Make You Ask “What Were They Thinking?”

#1. Found in the nail ideas group. Not sure how I feel about this

Source: Group member

#2. Probably the worst one I've seen so far

Source: Paškevičių Gerda

#3. This is a model from an online shop

Source: Gail Frankel Reiser

#4. Saw this horrid cotton candy-esque dress on a mannequin at the mall

Source: Heidi Hunt

#5. I was shopping for activewear on SHEIN and this gem popped up

Source: Kayla Hendren

#6. Fungus-core???

Source: Lyn Beavers

#7. arin Adele

Source: Dear god

#8. Casually shopping for a birthday dress and found this

Source: Maleigha Elaine

#9. Not editing cause she's famous, but what on earth

Source: Kioko Cotterill

#10. Prom and weddings in the 2010s

Source: Nicole Guerin

#11. You can get this Stretchy Dress for only $5.99

Horrible DressesSource: Betty Dgz Maldonado

#12. You can't just slap some fabric together and call it a skirt

Horrible DressesSource: Em Black

#13. Does anyone want a hair dress?

Horrible DressesSource: Rose Schumacher

#14. Why do I want these boots bruh

Horrible DressesSource: Lord Of The

#15. Make me a dress, but make it look like a vintage beige velour couch

Horrible DressesSource: Ricky Martinez

#16. Saw someone post this on a prom dress-selling page

Horrible DressesSource: Group member

#17. I can't believe no one has posted this monstrosity, yet

Horrible DressesSource: Jade Loren Jeffries

#18. Y’all I’m so conflicted

Horrible DressesSource: Claire Clifton

#19. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Horrible DressesSource: Heavy on Real Housewives

#20. This is hilarious

Horrible DressesSource: Guy Zohar

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