Just 20 Interesting Things To Make Your Day Less Gloomy

The world we’re living in has numerous fascinating and mysterious things. A lot of those are unexplored and still waiting for you to find them. Sometimes, things that you may think you could only see in wonderland just happen to appear right in front of you. They could be a toilet that has a triangular top to fit into the corner of the bathroom, car seat headrests that look like masked occupants, etc. Many people are lucky enough to spot and capture the interesting things they see and share with us on this subreddit r/mildlyinteresting.
We have compiled a list of 20 interesting things that can blow your mind and brighten your day. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. My dad has a 33-year-old unopened Coke bottle from 1990

Source: AHighTurtle

#2. My local grocery store has free fruits to snack on while you shop

Source: Butterknubs

#3. Cow in a car

Source: MercyLights

#4. The hotel I'm at changes the elevator mats throughout the day

Source: cwm2355

#5. My friend went to Japan and brought me back sake-flavored KitKats

Source: hoomei

#6. Car seat headrests that look like masked occupants

Source: Alynn_Wings

#7. Men and Women washrooms at New Delhi Airport

Source: alindalind

#8. Church parking lot sign

Source: sylvesterthecat11

#9. This leaf looks like Spider-Man

Source: lifeless_ordinary

#10. My doctor charges the insurance company $58 to ask how many drinks a week I have

Source: recycledairplane1

#11. Starbucks policy, up-charging for no ice

Source: Kevin7309

#12. My M&M is long

Source: sickeningdabber

#13. My cat fell asleep on her cat tower with her eyes open

Source: pinkbeehive

#14. How a banana looks after being untouched for a month and a half

Source: Sad-Assignment-568

#15. My toilet that has a triangular top to fit into the corner of the bathroom

Source: vick5516

#16. My face is printed on my coffee drink

Source: rainbowbank

#17. This weirdly shaped toilet that seems fairly commonplace in Italy

Source: redsterXVI

#18. The barista a hotel in sicily, italy made a dog with the foam on my cappuccino!

Source: NomadFingerboards

#19. My local coffee shop's version of the WHATEVER bathroom sign

Source: InfringeOrange

#20. My GP is using a skeleton as a coathanger

Source: DiceELITE

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