British Movie Star Julian Sands Went Missing In California Mountains

Police revealed on Friday night that the British actor Julian Sands, was on the move two days after he was reported missing after hiking. Police and his family thought that he might be somewhere on the popular Baldy Bowl Trail, which climbs 3,900 feet over 4.5 miles to the highest summit in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Since then, phone rings attempted have failed. Police assume that the actor’s phone might run out of battery. Sands’s family has shared that mountaineering is what the actor loves the most. 

#1. Julian Sands went missing on Friday, January 13th, 2023

julian sandsSource: Fox News

On Friday,  January 13th, 2023, writer Evgenia Citkowitz, wife of Julian Sands reported her husband went missing when hiking. The Killing Fields actor is thought to be in the popular Baldy Bowl Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains. Henry, Sands’ son has participated in the search. He started retracing the route his father took, with the help of an experienced climber, reported by The Independent. 
However, search and rescue crews looking for the 65-year-old actor were initially forced to delay the search over the weekend because of an avalanche threat. Adverse weather conditions including snow, sleet, and fog continued to hinder the search.

#2. Sands’s phone pings suggest he was on the move two days after being reported missing

julian sands missingSource: The Independent

A spokesperson for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said: “On January 15, 2023, phone pings showed Sands to be heading to the Mount Baldy area".
“Additional phone pings from the cell provider were attempted but were unsuccessful, due to the lack of cell service and most likely cell phone power failure.”

#3. Police found Sands’s car near where he was reported missing

julian sands carSource: LBC

 On Thursday (19 January), the local police confirmed that Julian Sands’ car was found in a car park near the place from where he set off on his hike. The crews found the car during a search operation. They believe that it belongs to the British actor.
Up until now, there is no further news about Sands. Friends and his fans have sent wishes to hope that the actor will be safe and sound because he has been disappeared one week ago. Hopefully, a miracle will happen.
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