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Who Plays The Judge On The New Night Court Season 2? Meet John Larroquette as Dan Fielding & Melissa Rauch as Judge Abby Stone

In NBC's "Night Court" new series, John Larroquette plays again his award-winning part as the charming Dan Fielding, while Melissa Rauch debuts as the hopeful Judge Abby Stone. Larroquette's experienced performance of Fielding brings a mix of humor and depth, contrasting with Rauch's new, caring style as Stone, the daughter of the original court's judge. Their combination offers a combination of humor, fond memories, and new perspectives in the courtroom.

Melissa Rauch as Judge Abby Stone

Melissa Rauch as Judge Abby Stone Source: Night Court/ NBC

Melissa Ivy Rauch, born on June 23, 1980, is a versatile American actress and writer. She became well-known for her role as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in "The Big Bang Theory," earning a nomination for the TV Critics' Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2013. Her varied work includes roles in "True Blood," "Batman and Harley Quinn," and the comedy "The Bronze," which she co-wrote and produced.

In the "Night Court" revival, Rauch plays Judge Abigail "Abby" Stone, the upbeat and fond of magic daughter of the original court's Judge Harry Stone. Her character's caring way of handling justice often disagrees with the skeptical opinions of her colleagues. Off-screen, Rauch is married to writer Winston Beigel, with whom she worked together on several projects. They have two children, a daughter born in 2017 and a son born in 2020. Rauch's personal experience includes overcoming a miscarriage, which she openly shared with her fans.

Judge Abby Stone Night Court: Character Guide

Judge Abby Stone, portrayed by Melissa Rauch in NBC's "Night Court" revival, is a new, hopeful city court judge. She steps into her late father Harry Stone's shoes, in charge of the same court he did three decades ago. Abby's approach is marked by humor and compassion, often disagrees with ambitious prosecutor Olivia Moore and underachieving clerk Neil. Faced with the resignation of her defense attorney, Abby persuades retired Dan Fielding, a former colleague of her father's, to return as the public defender. Abby's determination and kind-hearted personality are key to her role.


John Larroquette as Dan Fielding

John Larroquette as Dan Fielding Source: Night Court/ NBC

John Bernard Larroquette, born November 25, 1947, is an all-around American actor known for his roles in both drama and comedy. He became well-known as Deputy District Attorney Dan Fielding in the NBC sitcom "Night Court" (1984–1992; 2023–present), a role that earned him four straight Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. This remarkable achievement showed off his talent, demonstrating his knack for mixing serious drama with comedic flair. Larroquette's performance of Dan Fielding evolved from conservative to more humorous, reflecting his own sense of humor, which was a hit with viewers.

Apart from "Night Court," Larroquette's career is filled with impressive roles in various TV series. He won an Emmy for a guest role in "The Practice" and appeared in "The Good Fight," "The Librarians," "Boston Legal," and "Happy Family." His return to "Night Court" in the reboot sees him play again his role as Dan Fielding. However, the character has become gentler over time, suggesting personal growth and struggles, including a reference to a past marriage and a shift from practicing law to working as a process server. This comeback in the reboot adds a new layer to his famous role, mixing fond memories with fresh storytelling.

Dan Fielding Night Court: Character Guide

Dan Fielding, the memorable character from Night Court, skillfully combines humor with a self-focused attitude. Known for his famous catchphrase, "Ciao, baby!", he's often seen as smarmy, selfish, and obsessed with personal gratification, whether it's for monetary gain or physical pleasures. Despite his often stubborn and flirtatious behavior, Dan occasionally shows a softer side, showing kindness and selflessness, especially towards friends. This mix of kind and degenerate traits, brought to life by John Larroquette, makes Dan Fielding a one-of-a-kind, complex sitcom character.


The new Night Court Cast & Guest Stars

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