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Joe Martin Iron Resurrection: Things No One Told You

Joe Martin's lifelong love for bikes and cars took an exciting turn when he landed his own TV show in 2016. Iron Resurrection brought Joe Martin and his business, Martin Bros Customs, into the limelight, showcasing their talent in customizing cars and motorcycles. Viewers were treated to the Martin family's impressive vehicle transformations, and Joe quickly became a favorite in the world of reality TV. Even though he hasn't been on TV recently, Joe's still fully immersed in what he enjoys most. Here are 10 cool things about Joe Martin you probably didn't know.

Key Takeaways

    • "Iron Resurrection" star Joe Martin, originally from Chicago, turned his childhood passion for cars and bikes into a thriving career in Texas.
    • Alongside his wife Amanda and brother Jason, Joe revitalizes old vehicles on his show, balancing family life and business.
    • Joe's TV career began with "Biker Build-Off," leading to "Iron Resurrection," where he showcases genuine craftsmanship in vehicle restoration.

    Joe Martin In Iron Resurrection

    Joe Martin In Iron Resurrection Source: Joe Martin
    Joe Martin isn't just another guy on TV; he's the real deal when it comes to fixing up old cars and motorcycles. His show "Iron Resurrection," which you can catch on MotorTrend, is all about taking vehicles that most people would write off and turning them into something awesome. What's cool about this show is that it's not just about Joe.
    It's a family affair with his wife, Amanda, and his brother, Jason, right there with him. Amanda's the brain when it comes to finding these hidden gems of cars for cheap, thanks to her know-how of every car shed in town. And Jason? He's more behind the scenes, making sure the show runs smoothly.
    Joe's love for vehicles started way back. He was a big fan of guys like Boyd Coddington and Wayne Carini, but he couldn't afford their stuff, so he started making his own. This passion took him to the Biker Build-Off on Discovery, where he made a name for himself.
    That win was a game-changer – it got the attention of TV producers, and soon, "Iron Resurrection" was born. Joe, along with his best bud Jayson "Shag" Arrington, spend their days on the show working magic on these cars and bikes.
    Now, here's the thing about "Iron Resurrection" – it's not your typical drama-filled reality show. Joe and his crew keep things chill. They're not about creating drama for the camera; they're there to do what they love, and that's fixing up cars. The vibe on the show is more about having fun, cracking jokes, and just being real. And the cars they work on? They're not just for show. They're the real deal, built to last and look good without all that over-the-top stuff you see on other car shows.
    Joe's journey from a car enthusiast to a reality TV star has changed his life in big ways. He's gone from just a regular guy to someone fans recognize at airports and car shows, asking for his autograph. But through it all, he stays grounded, just doing what he loves with his family and friends. And that's what makes "Iron Resurrection" a hit – it's genuine, it's about real craftsmanship, and it's got a crew that knows how to keep it real.

    Meet Joe Martin In Person

    Meet Joe Martin In Person Source: Joe Martin


    Joe Martin, a reality TV star and whiz at customizing rides, hails from Chicago but grew up in Texas. He's been fascinated by cars and bikes since he was a kid and turned that passion into a cool career. Joe's a big name now, thanks to "Iron Resurrection," a hit show on Velocity Channel where he and his team transform old vehicles into jaw-droppers. But TV isn't new to him; he first popped up on the small screen in 2004 on "Biker Build-Off."

    Family And Career

    In the family biz, Martin Bros Customs, Joe's got his brother, Jason, and his wife, Amanda, by his side. They're all about turning rusty old bikes into show-stoppers in their Texas shop. Joe's journey in mechanics began when he was just a teen, working at an automotive accessory store. His natural talent for design didn't go unnoticed, and before long, he was running his own gig, Martin Bros.
    But Joe's life isn't all about engines and gears. He's a big-time dog lover and does a lot to help animal shelters. Plus, he loves the outdoors, fishing, and exploring whenever he can. Music's another big love of his, especially tunes that are perfect for road trips, like Lynyrd Skynyrd's hits.
    Despite a tough time during the Great Recession, when his bike shop had to shut down, Joe bounced back stronger. He values his privacy, steering clear of the usual reality TV drama. Being on TV has been a boon for his business, putting his work in the spotlight and keeping him busy with exciting projects.
    Joe's always up for learning something new, a trait that's helped him succeed big time. Working with family is a plus for him, making the business a blend of professional and personal joys. Despite the fame, Joe keeps it real, focusing on what he loves most – breathing new life into old rides.
    Before his fame, Joe admired the work of Boyd Coddington and Wayne Carini but lacked the means to afford their creations. This inspired him to start crafting his own stuff, learning skills from neighbors and through self-teaching. His reality TV journey began with "Biker Build-Off" in 2004, where he first gained recognition, eventually leading to his own show. Joe initially focused on repairing vehicles, but after winning on the Discovery show, he expanded to include bikes due to public demand.
    The idea for "Iron Resurrection" came about after Joe's victory at the Biker Build-Off caught the attention of TV producers. A successful teaser reel by the Martin Bros led to a five-year contract for the show. Joe, alongside his best friend Jason "Shag" Arrington and his brother Jason Martin, works on the cars, with Jason handling production. Joe's wife, Amanda, a financial wizard with a banking background, helps source affordable cars for the show.

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