Who Did Jenna Ortega Play In Iron Man 3? Unimportant Role?

Ortega in no way plays a main role in Iron Man 3 or the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general. So, it would be understandable for one to disregard her debut movie role altogether. But that would also be ignoring the significance of her character.
Seeing as most Marvel movies are intertwined, it can be argued that Jenna Ortega's character changed the face of the MCU. Iron Man 3 has its spot in the chaotic movie timeline and connects to plenty of other films within the universe. So, who did Jenna Ortega play in Iron 3? Even if small, the role that Wednesday's Ortega plays in Iron Man 3 is still important to the franchise.

1. Iron Man 3: What is it about?

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The main focus of Iron Man 3 is Tony Stark as he deals with the personal fallout from the Chitauri Invasion and a new, formidable foe. The Mandarin, also known as terroristic scientist Aldrich Killian, is this formidable foe. Stark endures numerous assaults connected to the biotech firm A.I.M. and the Extremis project for genetic modification throughout the course of the movie. 
Stark's battle against Killian and his soldiers culminates in an incident on Air Force One. Later on in Iron Man 3, it's revealed that Killian has some form of partnership with the Vice President of the United States to overthrow the government. This is where Ortega comes into the picture, as she plays the Vice President's daughter and provides some motive for the plot. 
The reason the Vice President is involved in The Mandarin's plot is to help his daughter. The young girl had unfortunately lost her leg. Because of this, her father wanted to work with A.I.M. so his child could get the same treatment that Iron Man 3 villain Killian took to heal his bodily ailments. Considering the Extremis program was designed to provide the human body with regenerative properties, it's fair to assume that Vice President Rodriguez hoped to somehow grow her leg back. The young girl cannot be blamed for the crimes of her father, though her life and disabilities provided some of the plots for Iron Man 3. Without her, her father probably wouldn't have been involved, and the plan to kill the president would not have been so achievable. Rodriguez is just as guilty as Killian, as he was responsible for covering up the attacks and abusing his political authority.

2. Who Did Jenna Ortega Play In Iron Man 3?

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Jenna tackled the role of the Vice President’s daughter in Iron Man 3. The MCU sequel was released in 2013 and Jenna was just 10 years old when the movie was released, with the project serving as her feature film acting debut.Born on September 27th 2002, the American actress is now 20 years old. This was her only MCU performance and appearance. However, she did work with Ty Simpkins (he played Harley Keener in Iron Man 3) again on Insidious: Chapter 2 (she played Annie).The actress has been in a range of other movies you may have seen too, including X (Lorraine), Scream (Tara Carpenter), and The Fallout (Vada Cavell). She also has credits on such TV Shows as Jane The Virgin (Young Jane) and You (Ellie Alves).
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3. Jenna Ortega Fans React To Mcu Role

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Of course, Iron Man 3 is a distant memory for plenty of audiences, being almost a decade old now. However, the star’s Wednesday success has jogged people’s memories and some have hopped onto Twitter to react to Jenna being part of the MCU. However, some have pointed out that it means she may not be landing any major superhero role as a result. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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