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  2. Aerial Filming And Piloting
  3. Passion For Activision
  4. Engagement To Jeff Bezos

Lauren Sánchez: A Closer Look At The Woman By Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos' Side

Lauren Sánchez, a prominent news anchor and aerial film specialist, has been making headlines as the fiancée of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Their relationship, which went public in 2019, has been marked by shared passions, philanthropy, and a recent engagement.


Career In Television

Lauren Sánchez career Source: Google Images

With a remarkable career in television, Lauren Sánchez co-hosted Fox's Good Day LA from 2011 to 2017, and she also served as an entertainment reporter on Extra. According to her Wikipedia page, in 2005, she became the original host of the dancing competition series So You Think You Can Dance.

Sánchez's presence in the entertainment industry extends to film, with in notable productions such as The Longest Yard, The Day After Tomorrow, Fight Club, and Ted 2.


Aerial Filming And Piloting

Beyond her television career, Sánchez is a skilled pilot and aerial filmmaker. She obtained her helicopter pilot's license in 2016 and founded Black Ops Aviation, specializing in aerial filming. Her expertise led her to work as a consultant on Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and film aerial shots for Jeff Bezos' company, Blue Origin. Sánchez's dedication to her craft is evident as she regularly flies with her children, finding solace and satisfaction in the unique perspective offered by the skies.


Passion For Activision

Sánchez shares a commitment to environmental causes with Jeff Bezos. The couple pledged $100 million to support a community devastated by wildfires in Maui, as per CNN's report, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact in the face of environmental challenges. Their meeting with Prince Charles in 2021 and travels to Colombia's Chiribiquete National Park underscore their shared passion for addressing climate change.


Engagement To Jeff Bezos

In May 2023, Jeff Bezos proposed to Lauren Sánchez, marking a new chapter in their relationship. The engagement, which took place aboard Bezos' $500 million yacht during the Cannes Film Festival, was a culmination of their four-year journey together. Sánchez, expressing excitement about becoming "Mrs. Bezos," revealed her intention to take on Bezos' last name upon marriage.

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