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Jason Kelce And Kylie Pregnant Rumors: Are They Expecting The 4th Child?

Is Kylie Kelce pregnant with the 4th baby? As of 2024, Kylie is not pregnant. Kylie Kelce and Jason Kelce's 3rd and youngest child, Bennett Llewellyn, was born in February 2023, and there's no news regarding the 4th child yet.

Here's everything you need to know about the Kelce family and their lovely children.

Key Takeaways

  • Kylie Kelce is not pregnant in 2024; she and Jason Kelce have three daughters, with their youngest born in February 2023.
  • Rumors about Kylie's fourth pregnancy emerged from curiosity following a viral video, showcasing the public's interest in the Kelce family.
  • Kylie has a background as an athlete and philanthropist while having a supportive role in the family.

Why Do People Think Kylie Kelce Is Pregnant?

Upon our close examination, it seems that the "Kylie Kelce's 4th child" rumor came out of someone's curiosity as they watched the recently uploaded YouTube video about her daughter, Wyatt. You can watch the video above for more details.

Jason and Kylie Kelce are very famous for their lovely daughters, and the comment section wholeheartedly shows it as people flock in to celebrate the couple for raising such an angel. It is understandable that once such a video goes viral, more and more people who do not frequently hear of them will be curious to know all kinds of things about their family, and that's fine.


Meet Kylie Kelce's Adorable Babies

Meet Kylie Kelce's Adorable Babies Source: Kylie Kelce
As of early 2024, Kylie and her husband, Jason Kelce, have three daughters. The youngest, Bennett Llewellyn, was born on February 23, 2023. Interestingly, Kylie attended the 2023 Super Bowl when heavily pregnant, prepared for any eventuality with her obstetricians on hand. However, she did not go into labor during the game.
The couple's first daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, arrived on October 2, 2019. Their second daughter, Elliotte Ray, was born on March 4, 2021. The arrival of Bennett in February 2023 marked a new chapter for the family, as they celebrated their first holiday season as a family of five later that year. Kylie and Jason share moments from their vibrant family life, including dressing up in matching outfits for Halloween and attending football games together.
Parenthood is a significant aspect of the Kelces' lives. Jason Kelce, in an episode of his podcast "New Heights," shared insights about being a 'girl dad' and the impact of fatherhood on his life. He expressed a commitment to treating his daughters with the same principles he would a son, but also acknowledged the unique joys and challenges of raising girls.

Meet Kylie Kelce In Person


Kylie Kelce, born Kylie McDevitt in 1992, is the wife of NFL star Jason Kelce. The couple married in 2018, a romance sparked on Tinder and solidified in a beautiful ceremony at the Logan Hotel. Kylie, with her dynamic background as a former field hockey player and coach, blends her athletic past with her current role as a philanthropist.

Kylie's journey as an athlete began at Lower Merion High School and continued through her college years. Her achievements in field hockey were notable, earning her spots on prestigious teams and recognition for her skills. After her playing career, Kylie transitioned into coaching.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Kylie's commitment to philanthropy goes beyond mere participation; it's a deeply ingrained part of her identity. Alongside Jason, she has been instrumental in raising funds for various causes, notably the Eagles Autism Foundation. Their annual fundraising event, which in 2022 raised an impressive $150,000, is a testament to her dedication and influence. This philanthropic spirit is not a newfound interest but stems from her early involvement in community services like volunteering with the Special Olympics of New Jersey.

Family Life

Kylie's love story with Jason is as modern as it is heartwarming. Meeting on Tinder, their relationship blossomed into a partnership that extends beyond the conventional. Their wedding in 2018, a mere two months after Jason's Super Bowl victory, was a celebration that brought together family, friends, and the community that supports them.
Her presence at significant events, such as the 2023 Super Bowl, highlights her supportive role in the Kelce family. Despite the public nature of their lives, Kylie and Jason have managed to keep certain aspects private, striking a balance between their public persona and personal life.
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