It's No Use Trying To Erase These Images From Your Head, Once You See Them...

Have you ever seen something so absurd that it was impossible for you to accept what you were seeing? Every now and again, events take place in a way that defies logic. ordinary sense? No, the folks on the list below do not believe in such things. Undoubtedly, when revising this essay, we had to utter the phrase "WTF" numerous times. And we think the list we've put together below will accomplish just that for you.
Check out the list of pictures below. They look pretty innocent...right? Well, take a closer look and you'll discover that everything is not quite as it seems! Compiled by Bored Panda, this weird and wonderful collection of pictures is sure to make you freak when you realize what's really going on. Some of them are funny, some are creepy, and some are downright inexplicable.

#1 Dating in 2019 baby

Source: haloxkittie

#2 When P***hub feels bad for killing you

Source: zizobg

#3 Did I watch a different Stranger Things than everyone else?

Source: sharklepower

#4 My favorite emotional support animal

Source: Mrestemayer18

#5 Extreme cleaning is now a sport

Source: OPG609

#6 I have WAY too many questions

Source: Reddit

#7Uber Eats now delivers to windows

Source: SombraArt

#8 My friend went to Italy...

Source: Ihaveanotheridentity

#9 Self-love is the most important love

Source: Lil_Zippaa

#10 This turn signal can make sounds

Source: Import

Well, maybe it seems unbelievable, one must go "you can't make this sh*t up" reading this post. Right here, what is that pig doing on the back of that car? It feels suffocated and has to poke out to get some air? Wait. Why is there a pig inside that car in the first place?

#11 This made me say "WTF" and also caused me to hyperventilate

Source: CryptoExodus

Risking it all to have an impressive photo? Nah, I would definitely not do this, even when someone gives me money. Looking at this photo alone already freaks me out. And I bet that many folks out there would sweat all over standing on top of that cliff.

#12 I'm assuming that bread is blessed?

Source: amatijaca

#13 Love when people get drunk and build cars

Source: BridgettLynn

#14 Get high or die trying

Source: They_peed_on_my_rug

What will you do when you go to the cemetery and see this interesting flower thriving next to the gravestone of your relative? Well, maybe that's what the person who lied down there used to plant in their backyard?

#15 Was supposed to be a "Hedgehog Cake"

Source: gottamemethemall

The gruesome appearance of this "hedgehog" will make the perfect nightmare fuel. Still, looks like it's all chocolate and stick biscuits and marshmallows, so I would definitely still eat it.
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