Is Young Thug Released Yet? Updated Information About YSL Case

Is Young Thug released yet? Since his arrest, Young Thug has been spending his days advocating for bail. The rapper from Georgia, whose request for bond had previously been rejected, tried once more to persuade the judge to do so.
A judge rejected Young Thug's request for bond on June 2. The rapper is declared innocent in his RICO case, the judge said, but he ultimately decided against granting the motion out of concern for the intimidation of potential witnesses.

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“I realize that Mr. Williams is presumed innocent,” Judge Glanville said. “However, in this particular circumstance there have been significant [claims] about Mr. Williams being a danger to the community.”
During the hearing, Thug's legal team emphasized the rapper's involvement in the community. His lawyer Brian Steel had several witnesses testify about Williams' character in an effort to prove that Williams would follow the conditions of his bond, if it was granted. Steel called upon witnesses like his manager Garfield Larmond and record executive Kevin Liles, who flew into Atlanta to testify in the hearing.

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"I'm kinda emotional because of how good this guy is," Liles said at the beginning of his testimony. "I have been in this music called Hip-hop for about 38 years and for the life of me I don't understand why I have to testify on the good that Hip-Hop has done around the world. I also started a company with Jeffrey called Young Stoner Life and I remember what he said to me, 'We're not just starting a company. We're going to change some lives." And that's what he's done and he's definitely changed mine."
Liles has known the rapper for the past 10-12 years and described his working relationship with Williams. He's currently signed to 300 Entertainment as a solo artist and also has a separate deal for Young Stoner Life. The record executive also said that he would back Williams "personally and professionally" if he was granted bond. While he was wiping away tears on the stand, Liles also gave his thoughts about the prosecution using Thugger's lyrics against him in the 56-count indictment against him and 27 other members of YSL including Gunna and Yak Gotti.

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"I've been fighting this battle for over 40 years," Liles explained. "It's not new and it's funny how we're the No. 1 music in the world right now and they want to bring this back up. Now we don't argue about any other web movies or other genres of music that about I ran them over in my truck or I got drunk and went and shot him. We don't bring those things to court but, 'our music' we've been on trial and we're constantly on trial about who we are and what we are and why. Nobody gave us nothing. So we sit here on trial and we talk about lyrics. Lyrics. I don't understand the thing ever but I would be here and I will keep fighting for it because I believe [in] self expression and I believe we should protect Black art. We should protect Black art and I'm going on trial for lyrics. Come on man."
In addition to testimony from Liles, Williams' lawyer also submitted videos from Machine Gun Kelly and 300 Entertainment co-founder Lyor Cohen, who both vouched for Williams. The judge's ruling means Young Thug will have to remain in jail until his trial on January 9, 2023 after his bond was denied. is a website that provides you with entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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