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  1. Is Season 12 The Last Season Of Chicago Fire?
  2. Who Will Leave After Season 12?

Is Season 12 The Last Season Of Chicago Fire? Who Will Leave After Season 12?

'Chicago Fire' Season 12 Confirmed as NBC Renews All Three One Chicago Shows - IMDb. Is season 12 the last season of Chicago Fire?

No, Chicago Fire fans won't have to say goodbye to the crew at Firehouse 51 anytime soon. NBC has renewed the Dick Wolf drama for another season, it announced April 10.

Key Takeaways:

  • 'Chicago Fire' Season 12 is confirmed, continuing the story of Firehouse 51 with more drama and action, not marking the end of the series.
  • Significant cast changes in Season 12: Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett) leaves, and Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide) returns, adding depth to the storyline.
  • Rome Flynn joins the cast in Season 12, introducing new dynamics to the Firehouse 51 crew and maintaining the show's evolving nature.

Is Season 12 The Last Season Of Chicago Fire?

Source: TV Promos
Despite the rumors, 'Chicago Fire' isn't ending yet. Season 12 is on the way, promising more exciting drama and thrilling action that fans love. NBC confirmed its renewal on April 10, 2023, so the story at Firehouse 51 isn't over.
The show is still NBC's top drama, pulling in a huge fanbase of 9.5 million viewers per episode. With so many fans, it's unlikely that this will be the last season.
Good news for fans: the entire One Chicago world, including 'Chicago P.D.' and 'Chicago Med', will keep going. These shows, together with 'Chicago Fire', offer connected storylines that fans are really into.

Who Will Leave After Season 12?

Is Season 12 The Last Season Of Chicago Fire? Source: NBC
Big changes are coming to Firehouse 51 in Season 12. We're seeing some major cast changes that are making fans excited and a bit nostalgic.

Kara Killmer

Kara Killmer, who's been amazing as Sylvie Brett since Season 3, is set to leave in Season 12. Her exit follows a touching story where Brett gets a marriage proposal from Matthew Casey. It signals a big change in the show.

Alberto Rosende

Who Will Leave After Season 12?Source: NBC

Alberto Rosende, who plays Blake Gallo since Season 8, is also saying goodbye. His journey ends with a move to Detroit for his firefighting career. It shows how the show keeps changing.

Taylor Kinney

Taylor Kinney, as Kelly Severide, is coming back, which is a big positive for the show. His return fills a big gap and he's been a key part of the show.

Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn, known from 'How to Get Away with Murder', joins in the second episode of Season 12. His arrival brings new excitement and changes to the Firehouse 51 family.
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