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  1. #1. Miguel O’Hara is arguably the strongest Spider-Man in Across the Spider-Verse.
  2. #2. Miguel might be the strongest, but Miles has a higher ceiling.
  3. #3. Who would prevail in a fight between Miles and Miguel?

Is Miles Morales’s Across The Spider-Verse Most Powerful Spider-Man?

The latest Spider-Man theater sensation so far, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, released earlier this June, is no doubt the Spider-Man movie that features the most Spider variants on the big screen so far. Exploring further about the Multiverse, the animated masterpiece introduces to us hundreds to thousands of Spider-People, who are parts of the vast and mighty Spider-Society led by Miguel O’Hara. The abundance of variants often makes us wonder, who’s the strongest Spider-Man of all in Across the Spider-Verse? 

Many would argue that since Miles Morales possesses his Venom power and outruns the whole Spider-Society to find his way back to his dimension, the protagonist is no doubt the strongest Wall Crawler there is in the movie. However, this might not be the case. In our opinion, Miles has the potential to be the best of the bunch, but for now, this particular Spider-Man is the strongest friendly neighbor so far in the entire franchise.


#1. Miguel O’Hara is arguably the strongest Spider-Man in Across the Spider-Verse.

Ever since making his appearance right at the start of the animated movie, Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, has already given us the impression that he’s one of the most formidable characters. Coming from the futuristic setting of Nueva York in 2099, Miguel gets his hands on all kinds of advanced technology which are superior to other variants. 

His Spidey suit is considered the best of the bunch with extreme durability, and has a bunch of cool gears attached to it, for example the retractable cape, claws, and talons that can strike lethal attacks at the enemy. In his clash with Miles on the train, we can see how Miles’s bio-electricity did little damage to his suit. 


And thanks to the Spider DNA in his blood, Miguel also acquires fangs that can inject venoms into the opponents’ veins, causing them to paralyze temporarily. Unlike most Spider-Men, his web is organic as well.

His agility is also one of the more underrated aspects. Despite his bulky build, Miguel is very fast and can effortlessly catch up to Miles who just outran the whole Spider-Society. The way he quickly climbs the space train to reach Miles further cements this quirk of his. The only thing Miguel is lacking is his Spider-Sense, but it’s fully complemented by his technology and physical prowess. 


However, Miguel O’Hara’s most dangerous skills must be his intelligence and leadership ability. There’s a reason why he’s the leader of the Spider-Society with countless Spider variants, as he’s the one who unites them together and works for the greater good. He manages to build a whole fortress in Nueva York, and reacts quickly to capture all the anomalies caused in the Multiverse in no time. 

During Miles’s escape, he also orders the whole Spider-Society to chase after him, and then quickly forms a squad to find the former, while also dealing with the Spot’s disturbance at the same time.


In Across the Spider-Verse, there’s a brief moment when we see Miguel’s new white suit still in its development stage at a time, so there’s a high chance he’ll don this new outfit in the threequel Beyond the Spider-Verse. With his ridiculous combination of technology, power, and intelligence, Miguel O’Hara is truly the most formidable Spider-Man in the movie.


#2. Miguel might be the strongest, but Miles has a higher ceiling.

While Miguel O’Hara is arguably the strongest Spider-Man in Across the Spider-Verse, his main opponent in the movie, Miles Morales, has so much more potential. With his unique enhanced Venom power and camouflage ability, Miles has all the tools to best any Spider variant in a 1-on-1 battle. His agility and traversal perk is no slouch either, as he outruns the whole Spider-Society with thousands of members in one of the best chasing scenes in the animated films’ history. 

Miles has the potential to be the best Spider-Man, and the only thing he’s lacking is experience. However, his skills and awareness will grow over time, and as he gets older, Miles can even further enhance his Venom and camouflage ability, and by the time Beyond the Spider-Verse is released, we might get to see an even stronger version of the Kid Arachnid on the big screen.


#3. Who would prevail in a fight between Miles and Miguel?

As of now, it’s undoubtedly Miguel O’Hara who has an overall edge over our protagonist. Even in the battle on the space train, while Miles bested the Spider-Society leader by imbuing Venom onto him, it feels like he only got the latter by surprise, and Miguel, at the time was still holding back and refrained from using his talons and fangs to attack the kid. If Miguel was fighting with his full force, we doubt that Miles would even have the chance.

However, if a more experienced version of Miles gets to fight Miguel, the outcome may be different. As mentioned above, Miles is better than Miguel ability-wise with his Venom and invisibility, and even has an edge over the latter in terms of reflexes since he has the Spider-Sense. If the experience gap is removed, Miles has all the tools in the world to defeat Spider-Man 2099 in a head-on battle.

Who do you think is stronger, Miles Morales or Miguel O’Hara? Do you think the two will clash again in Beyond the Spider-Verse? Let us know in the comment.

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