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  1. Is Jared Kalu On The Good Doctor Leaving?

Is Jared Kalu On The Good Doctor Leaving? Comprehensive News

Is Jared Kalu on The Good Doctor leaving? Fans of "The Good Doctor" are happy to see Dr. Jared Kalu return to St. Bonaventure, even though they were initially appalled to see him leave the hospital in the first place. The first cast member to quit the medical drama on ABC was Jared, played by Chuku Modu, who was fired startlingly after only ten episodes and left the program completely in Season 2.
Nevertheless, in Episode 14 of Season 6, titled "Old Friends," he returns to his old employment and meets up with people he used to work with. The next patient that Jared treats is a millionaire portrayed in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Usman Ally. Jared sends this patient to St. Bonaventure for therapy. Understandably, some fans of The Good Doctor have forgotten the facts of his firing and subsequent return to the program, but it's still important to remind them.

Is Jared Kalu On The Good Doctor Leaving?

Is Jared Kalu On The Good Doctor Leaving Source: The Good Doctor
In the tenth episode of the first season of The Good Doctor, titled "Islands - Part One," Jared got into some difficulties due to his personal life. After learning that his fiancée, Claire Brown (played by Antonia Thomas, ABC's The Rookie), was the victim of sexual harassment at the hands of Dr. Matt Coyle (Eric Winter, ABC's The Rookie), he assaulted Dr. Coyle. That was about as awful as it could have been, with Claire yelling at Jared and telling him that she didn't need him to help her fight her battles.
Jared felt completely powerless. After being terminated from his job, Jared worsened his situation by successfully reclaiming his previous position through the legal system. In his case against St. Bonaventure, he claimed the hospital was racist since he was dismissed while white physicians were just counseled about their behavior.
He based this argument on the fact that other African-American physicians at the hospital were not disciplined. Dr. Marcus Andrews, who was in charge of surgical procedures, was upset by this decision because he felt he had exceeded his authority by allowing Jared to return.


Is Jared On The Good Doctor Leaving Is Jared Kalu On The Good Doctor Leaving?
In the first episode of Season 2, "Hello," Claire begged Jared to stay with her, but he finally chose to leave and move to Colorado. When a formerly significant character from a program makes a comeback, the audience naturally becomes concerned about how long they will continue to appear. In other words, fans of Jared may sigh relief knowing that "Old Friends" is not the last episode of the series.
According to Deadline, Chuku will continue to be a regular cast member of The Good Doctor throughout the remainder of Season 6 and will appear in at least two more episodes. The actor remains a fan favorite despite his departure from the media issue; hence, it makes perfect sense for the program to employ him in any way. The show has an intriguing problem, though, when it comes to writing about past actions of Jared.
It is not easy to forget that you previously brought a lawsuit against a former employer. In the case of Dr. Andrews, now that he is president of the hospital, it is especially difficult to forget that he once brought a lawsuit against a previous employer. The fact that the audience finds out what Jared has been up to in Colorado provides closure for a character whose departure was unanticipated and sudden.
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