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  2. Is Glassman Leaving The Good Doctor?

Is Glassman Leaving The Good Doctor? Is Richard Schiff Leaving For Good?

Is Glassman leaving The Good Doctor? On the medical drama The Good Doctor, which debuted on ABC in September 2017, Richard Schiff has portrayed the role of Dr. Aaron Glassman from the show's inception. Since he was 14 years old, the program's main character, a neurosurgeon named Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore), has looked up to Dr. Glassman as a father figure and a mentor. The conclusion of The Good Doctor season 6, episode 17, was a cliffhanger with viewers on the edge of their seats.
There is a possibility that Dr. Glassman's brain cancer has resurfaced. Dr. Glassman has already been away from the hospital twice to seek treatment for his brain cancer. It was in Season 3 that it happened for the first time.

What Happened To Dr. Glassman In The Good Doctor?

Is Glassman Leaving The Good Doctor? Is Glassman Leaving The Good Doctor
On the show "The Good Doctor," Dr. Glassman has not had an easy time of it. In the first season, Dr. Glassman experienced a medical emergency when he ate dinner with his then-wife Debbie, now his ex-wife. After receiving a diagnosis of a deadly and severe form of brain cancer, he required surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment simultaneously. He and his ex-wife Ilana were forced to witness their daughter's sad overdose death together. She was just a teenager. Because of this, in the end, they decided to part ways.
It didn't take long for his friendship with Debbie, whom he'd met at work, to develop into something more, and by the time season 3 rolled around, they were married. In Season 4, Debbie, on the other hand, left Dr. Glassman just as the fire destroying his house started. To say that things have been straightforward for him would be a gross understatement.
After making a rookie mistake during brain surgery in Episode 17 of Season 6, Dr. Glassman's brain cancer may have resurfaced due to his mistake. As viewers returned to check out Episode 18, we discovered our worst suspicions had been confirmed. According to Shaun, cancer removed from Dr. Glassman's brain has reappeared. Shaun is concerned since Dr. Glassman recently had a health scare, even if nothing is set in stone.

Is Glassman Leaving The Good Doctor?

Is Glassman Leaving The Good Doctor Source: The Good Doctor
By the time the episode came to a close, Shaun had amassed every piece of evidence pointing toward the potential of cancer. On the workstation of Dr. Glassman, he slid a folder containing a note to the bottom. Before our next meeting to continue this conversation, I would appreciate it if you could review the revised materials and any further evidence that has been provided.
This is by far the most troubling moment that we have had anxiety around the possibility of Richard leaving The Good Doctor. If the disease has spread to other parts of his character's body, he does not have a good chance of survival.


To our great fortune, Richard has not provided any signals regarding his forthcoming exit from "The Good Doctor." A week ago, he suggested that he had recently been on set by releasing a video of himself and Freddie Highmore on Instagram. In the video, they were both laughing and joking. Although it does not appear that he will be departing "The Good Doctor" any time soon, anything is still possible.
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