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  1. Was Danielle Colby Fired From American Pickers?
  2. Why Did Danielle Colby Leave 'American Pickers (Did She?)
  3. Where Is Danielle Colby From American Pickers Now?

Is Danielle Still On American Pickers: Where Is She Now?

Danielle Colby became well-known as a key player in the 'American Pickers' crew with her undeniable charm. However, with all the changes in the cast and Danielle's recent operation, there's been a lot of buzz about what's happening with this favorite member of the show.
If you're wondering about what Danielle's up to these days and her part in 'American Pickers,' here's the lowdown on everything we know now.

Was Danielle Colby Fired From American Pickers?

Was Danielle Colby Fired From American Pickers? Source: American Pickers
No, Danielle Colby was not fired from 'American Pickers.' She was part of the cast in recent seasons, and according to IMDb, she still appeared throughout Season 24. Danielle, originally from Iowa, has been a familiar face on the show since 2009, known for her role as the Shop Manager.
Back in 2012, Danielle hinted in an interview with the Miami New Times about the uncertainty of her future, saying, "I highly doubt that Antique Archaeology is the last job I'll ever have in my life, though it is definitely the coolest job I've had to date." She expressed her gratitude to Mike Wolfe for her position and mentioned her commitment to honoring her contract, even playfully suggesting she'd love a spin-off.
In late 2022, Danielle had a hysterectomy due to severe uterine fibroids, which took a toll on her, both physically and emotionally. She mentioned losing her drive to work during this challenging period. However, fans of 'American Pickers' will be happy to know that Danielle will likely be back for season 25. She even shared a photo from the set with the caption "We're back," teasing the show's return on July 5, 2023.

Why Did Danielle Colby Leave 'American Pickers (Did She?)

Why Did Danielle Colby Leave 'American Pickers (Did She?) Source: American Pickers
First thing first, Danielle didn't leave American Pickers. Fans of 'American Pickers' had a tough time during 2020 and 2021 when the show was just showing old episodes, probably because of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting new productions. Then the newest update: Frank Fritz definitely left the show for good. There were also rumored disagreements between Frank and Mike. Frank himself told The Sun that he and Mike haven't talked for two years.
With all this drama, some fans are worried that Danielle might be the next one to leave the show. But right now, there's no official word that she's exiting 'American Pickers.'.
To ease fans' concerns, Danielle just shared a selfie with Mike Wolfe, captioning it with words to make fans feel better and reflect on their decade-long journey. "Out on the road again with my best friend and my big brother [whom] I support fully and stand behind," she wrote.
But, some signs on her stuff online have raised eyebrows. Danielle used to have "americanpicker" in her Instagram name and posted lots of show-related stuff. But that account doesn't seem to be active now. Plus, she changed her Facebook name from "Danielle Colby, American Pickers" to just "Danielle Colby." Still, she's active in retweeting 'American Pickers' content on Twitter, with no official news of her leaving.
Danielle and Mike have a long history, going back almost a decade before the show started. In a 2010 interview, Danielle said that she and Mike had been friends for about ten years. Mike, during a Q&A, explained why he brought Danielle on board. He wanted someone who could figure things out and plan their trips, and Danielle was a perfect fit. He liked her unique style and how she was cool and different. Mike's aim was to make antiques seem fun and cool, and having Danielle on the show helped achieve that.

Where Is Danielle Colby From American Pickers Now?

In October, Danielle hit Instagram with a special photo featuring her and co-host Mike Wolfe. The picture captured their excitement as they looked at a computer screen in the well-known store, Antique Archaeology.
'American Pickers' took a break recently after facing a dip in ratings. During this break, Danielle and Mike have been busy with other pursuits. Danielle frequently shares updates about her burlesque dancing and other bold posts on her social media.
Just recently, she posted an artistic Instagram photo of herself swimming topless in a pool. She's also surprised her followers with other daring photos, including one in the bathtub and another showcasing her in a tiny thong bikini.
Colby recently shared an uplifting update with her fans, revealing that she's feeling much better following her surgery. In her newest Instagram post, she posed alongside her fiancé Jeremy Scheuch, who affectionately kissed the top of her head. The couple was dressed warmly, suggesting they were out and about in chilly winter conditions. 
In the caption of her photo, Danielle shared some good news about her holiday season. She mentioned that her surgery was successful, she's managing pain naturally, and she's wrapping up her final doctor's appointment. She also expressed happiness about her family's well-being, indicating that her health mission was accomplished.
Danielle also shared her excitement about returning to Puerto Rico soon, although she noted she would miss her loved ones and the Midwest until they return. She's looking forward to celebrating New Year's Eve in warmer weather.
Fans responded positively to her post, wishing her a speedy recovery and happy holidays for her and Jeremy.
In terms of her current health condition, back in December, Danielle revealed more about her health struggles through a striking photo on Instagram. The image showed her standing next to a unique fluffy creature with tentacles extending into her mouth. She appeared topless, with her blonde hair styled down her back and a full face of makeup, looking surprised by the creature's presence.
Danielle used the caption to explain her situation, saying that she had been experiencing severe pain on the right side of her face, jaw, ear, neck, arm, and hand. The diagnosis was a severe case of Trigeminal neuralgia, caused by a tumor in her face.
She described the past month as excruciating but was hopeful that her surgery would relieve her from this intense pain. Danielle planned to share her recovery journey on her Patreon page and asked if anyone had heard of or experienced Trigeminal neuralgia.
Besides 'American Pickers,' Danielle keeps busy with her other passions, like collecting and fixing up vintage burlesque costumes, doing circus stuff, and dancing. She also works with Barks of Hope, helping rescue animals in Puerto Rico. So, it looks like Danielle's role in 'American Pickers will still be a big part of her life.
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