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  1. Is Call The Midwife Still In Production?
  2. Future Of 'Call the Midwife': A Look Ahead

Is Call The Midwife Still In Production? What's The Future Of The Show?

Call the Midwife will return with a Christmas special this holiday season, followed by Series 13 in early 2024 in the U.K. and the U.S. The series has already been renewed for Seasons 14 and 15, meaning that we will be watching the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House until at least 2026.

Key Takeaways:

  • "Call The Midwife" is still in production, currently filming its 13th season with a mix of new and returning characters.
  • The show is renewed through its 15th season, indicating continued storytelling until at least 2026.
  • Future seasons will delve into the societal and medical changes of the late 1960s and beyond, maintaining its historical and emotional depth.

Is Call The Midwife Still In Production?

Source: BBC

Yes, "Call the Midwife" is not only still being made but is in great shape. This is a popular British TV show that first aired in 2012. Over a decade later, this show about nuns and midwives in London's East End keeps winning viewers, smoothly handling historical milestones and evolving cast dynamics.

As the show enters 1969, its thirteenth season is being filmed, featuring new characters Joyce Highland and Rosalind Clifford. These new faces, along with the return of stars like Helen George and Jenny Agutter, show the series is in strong shape and committed to mixing history with personal stories. The latest season, aiming to cover complex medical and social issues, shows the series' lasting interest and charm.


Future Of 'Call the Midwife': A Look Ahead

Is Call The Midwife Still In Production? Source: BBC

The future for "Call the Midwife" looks bright. Renewed up to its 15th season, the show promises engaging stories until at least 2026. Changing with the times, it will dive into the social changes of the late 1960s, including medical progress and the evolving UK scene.

Heidi Thomas, the creator, talks about the strong bond between fans and characters, hinting at more touching and tough moments ahead. As the show heads into the 1970s, it's set to keep its mix of true history and rich storytelling.

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