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Is Belgravia: The Next Chapter A True Story? (Hint: It's Kinda Complicated)

The mini-series "Belgravia," covering a period of 25 years, tells the story of two families whose destinies become inextricably linked during the Duchess of Richmond's party in Brussels. In this setting, the budding romance between Sophia Trenchard, played by Emily Reid, and Lord Edmund Bellasis, portrayed by Jeremy Neumark Jones, comes to a head. Their relationship is marked by the contrast of their social standings, with Sophia belonging to a "new money" family, while Edmund is from the established and aristocratic landed gentry.
One question the show gets asked a lot is, Does the show originate from real history, or is this just some fiction from some middle-aged, bored, and divorced woman author?

Belgravia: The Next Chapter Continues The Story Of Its Original Installment

Belgravia: The Next Chapter Continues The Story Of Its Original Installment Source: MGM
Short answer: Not really, but it was more or less inspired by a real event at first.
Long answer: "Belgravia" universe does draw inspiration from a real historical event. The first season of this period drama, which debuted on Epix in 2020, revolves around the Duchess of Richmond's ball, a famous event held on the eve of a significant 1815 battle. Created by Julian Fellowes of "Downton Abbey" fame, "Belgravia" blends real historical occurrences with a gripping fictional narrative.
The six-part mini-series chronicles the lives of two families linked by events at this ball in Brussels. It highlights the romantic tensions between Sophia Trenchard, portrayed by Emily Reid, and Lord Edmund Bellasis, played by Jeremy Neumark Jones, who comes from contrasting social classes.
"Belgravia," much like "Downton Abbey," is rooted in authentic history, depicting the societal shifts of the Victorian era. The Trenchards, once outsiders, gain acceptance in high society due to their newfound wealth, while the Bellasis family grapples with maintaining their lineage amidst changing societal values.
The second season, "Belgravia: The Next Chapter," set to start in 1871, thirty years after the first season, focuses on the love story of Frederick Trenchard, the third Lord Trenchard, and his love interest, Clara Dunn. Frederick, born from an affair and carrying insecurities from a troubled childhood, faces challenges in his relationship with Clara. There's no confirmation whatsoever if this season is based on another real historical event.
While "Belgravia" incorporates historical events, its characters are largely fictional. The series is based on Julian Fellowes' 2016 book, crafted shortly after "Downton Abbey" concluded.

Release Date And Where To Watch

You'll be able to watch the entire series for free on MGM+ from Sunday, Dec. 31 to Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024.

Cast And Crew

Belgravia the next chapter cast and crew Source: MGM
  • Harriet Slater as Clara Trenchard (née Dunn): A young, smart, and striking woman, new to Belgravia society. Thrilled by her marriage to Frederick, but soon discovers challenges as she learns more about her husband’s past traumas.
  • Ben Wainwright as Frederic Trenchard: The handsome third Lord Trenchard, who has built a large business empire. Marries Clara after a whirlwind romance, but his past traumas pose a threat to their happiness.
  • Edward Bluemel as Dr. Stephen Ellerby: A young, idealistic doctor who finds himself captivated by Clara.
  • Claude Perron as the Marquise D’Étagnac: A French businesswoman.
  • Toby Regbo as Rev. James Trenchard: Frederick’s estranged brother.
  • Elaine Cassidy as Davison: Clara's lady's maid.
  • Hannah Onslow as Emily Dunn: Clara’s older sister.
  • Sophie Thompson as Mrs. Dunn: Clara and Emily's mother.
  • Sophie Winkleman as the Duchess of Rochester: Known as "the queen of Belgravia," sitting atop the social hierarchy. A member of the British royal family, Winkleman has shared insights into the allure of Regency-era romances, noting the sensuality in the era's formality and propriety.

Watch Belgravia: The Next Chapter's Trailer

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