23 Irritating Situations That Can Ruin Your Whole Week

Whoever says life is filled with beautiful and sweet things must have not seen enough. When you expect it the least, life will find a way to put you in such irritating situations that will drive you up the wall. Imagine, you were so excited to get on the bus and read the book you just bought, but it turned out all the pages were out of order. How do you think you would react? You must be so angry, right?
Today, we compiled a list of 23 frustrating circumstances that could make your blood boil if they happened to you. Scroll down to check out now.


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#2. My chicken fell through the bottom of my bag

Source: iceterrapin

#3. This guy in front of me at the movie theater. He had the brightness all the way up

Source: Akirex5000

#4. On my flight and in my bubble

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#5. Puppy finds this in duffle night before traveling abroad

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#6. Old Navy thinks this is enough to cover a 3x crotch

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#7. Ordered pretzels from Dairy Queen. Wasn’t expecting this

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#8. On my flight

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#9. The hotel I stayed at last night said they provided free breakfast

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#10. My roommate uses my towels to wipe her makeup off

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#11. It’s been a while since I went to a sports game… over $18 for these

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#12. Brought a book to read on the bus. All of the pages are out of order.

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#13. The vacuum came with the wrong country adapter

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#14. The chocolate icing on my doughnut entirely stuck to the wrapper

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#15. Why do people do this, especially in smaller stores

Source: The_Unknown_Dead

#16. This sign at a small thrift store near my old place reinforces that people suck

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#17. The driver for door dash decided to open the door and put my order inside the house

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#18. My Google Home speaker in the kitchen after a one-week vacation

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#19. Less than 24 hours after spending $400 to replace my car window it is broken into again

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#20. I opened this chocolate and there was a f*cking maggot in it

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#21. On my drive home tonight, those weren’t even high beams

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#22. A Galveston beach after spring breakers last night

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#23. This cookie packaging has holes to leave crumbs everywhere you put it

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