If You Think You’re Having A Bad Day At Work, Take A Look At These 23 People

We've all had such bad days that we can't help but cry. However, there is one thing you must admit: a bad day is just a part of life. Anything can go wrong, such as dropping your house key down the toilet or accidentally pouring salt instead of sugar into the meal you're making. And if you believe that's a terrible thing, you're mistaken. The people in the photos below need a hug from you because they had a bad day at work. Just think of a guy dropping a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day, or how it feels to work from home and hit video instead of audio. After that, we believe you'll understand their reaction.
Here are 23 people who had a very, very bad day at work. Watching someone else have a bad day, no matter how you look at it, can put a smile on your face and brighten your day. We find it funny because we've been in similar situations and know it will get better. Let’s scroll down to have a good laugh!

#1. I work as a Valet and make $3.85/hr and I received this as a tip

Source: AyeBenji

#2. Sorry class, my dog ate everyone's homework

Source: paulathekoala95

#3. When you’re working from home and you hit video instead of audio

Source: bonitasaph

#4. Started work this morning, put my headset on, felt something furry in my ear, looked and there is a bat in my headset

Source: soulhacle

#5. When I worked at a dog daycare (I'd bring my dog with me, duh) I once got off from work and was SO HUNGRY I left without him. XD My manager sent me this picture about 10 minutes later saying "you forgot something". His expression is perfect.

Source: powergirlpanties

#6. If you’re a parent and let your kids make a mess like this then you’re a piece of sh**

Source: dillonconnerty

#7. Two Domino’s workers after their shift in San Antonio, Texas today. All food gone in 4 hours


#8. Two teams of builders building a bike lane “on the right-hand side”

Source: anthonybsd

#9. Flew In A Helicopter For The First Time At Work, The Pilot’s Helmet Wasn’t Calming

Source: drdoom

#10. Steven? Do you have more than one feeding you?

Source: Reddit

#11. Actually had to put this sign up in the bathroom at my work

Source: surbauer

#12. So I started work as a beekeeper last week

Source: Reddit

#13. The gift that keeps on giving

Source: itkeekz

#14. My girlfriend got nailed at work

Source: chrystal-mighties

#15. Got fired for “telling the boss how to do his job” when all I did was say “we can’t obstruct a fire escape”

Source: Sudden_Chard8860

#16. Consequences of working in a -10°C lab where I have to wash my hands 40 times a day

Source: Reddit

#17. Fell on a gusset plate at work

Source: mithrilbong

#18. My friend got a surprise haircut at work today. and it was free

Source: Reddit

#19. Stayed at work for the storm. This is the road I take home

Source: Reddit

#20. They couldn’t do it

Source: NinjaCatPurr

#21. Absolutely shattered

Source: skeetac


#22. After years in retail, this is the worst-case scenario

Source: AndySlot

#23. Guy dropped a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day.

Source: MrTenenbaum7

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