If You Don't Want Bad Tattoos, Avoid These 25+ Hilariously So-Low-Stooping Ideas

It is quite physically painful for most people while waiting for their tattoos to be done. Hence, they want theirs to be splendid. However, things don't always go on that way. Some people go through the irritating skin-carving process just to realize the tattoos they always desire to have are mere stupidity.
In addition to the artist's talent and skill, we need good ideas of what the tattoos look like and where to place them. If we run short in any part, we will have to pay the price: becoming an idiot. However, everything has a good side (though it is just a tiny piece of a good thing). Somebody with awkwardly failed tattoos is not afraid to share theirs on the internet in order that other internet users can reconsider their decisions.
Scroll down and look at this funny compilation! We guarantee it won't fail to make you roll on the floor giggling.

#1. Nice Tattoo, Dave

Source: Hairy_Cheeks

#2. El Señor Nippleriño

Source: unknown

#3. "It's Is My Life" - Jon Bovi

Source: Lolololokokok

#4. "I've Got The Eye Of A Tiger..."

Source: unknown

#5. Close, But Not Close Enough


#6. Turtle Head

Source: unknown

#7. Incredible Angelina Jolie's Portrait

Source: Zahedi Firooz,Missmachineee

#8. This Guy Got A Sunglasses Tattoo On His Face

Source: Matthew G

#9. My Poor Drunken Choice

Source: SaggyBeaver

#10. "I Don't Even..."

Bad TattoosSource: iamdopers

#11. This is why koalas should not marry tigers...

Source: jennnnner

#12. Getting A Tattoo Of Your Newborn

Source: Petkevic29

#13. Impressive Dot Work, But Why?

Source: lid-vicious

#14. Expectations VS. Reality

Bad TattoosSource: coatedgreenpea

#15. The Concept Looked So Promising

Source: ibboRftw

#16. A friend On Facebook Seems Proud Of This Gem

Source: coreyjuliette

#17. Leopard Print Or Little Hamburgers?

Bad TattoosSource: Lisasartbeat

#18. It Looks Like A Lawsuit

Source: FoxFreeze

#19. ICP Face Make-Up Tattoo. 100% Real

Source: potter_in_hobbiton

#20. I've Got A Hunch That He Isn't, "Wrongfully Convicted." Call Me Crazy, But

Bad TattoosSource: IHeartCokeAndHookers

#21. Flaming Nips

Source: DJrybo

#22. "I Hate Being Barefoot"

Bad TattoosSource: unknown

#23. Imagine when the hairs will grow up again: Crocs with fur!

Source: snake___pit

#24. Eye See U

Bad TattoosSource: shhphoenix

#25. When All You Want Is Long Hair

Source: unknown

#26. When You're Too Into Video Games

Bad TattoosSource: snake___pit

#27. This Is Just Amazing...-ly Bad

Bad TattoosSource: snake___pit

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