If These Pics Don't Make You Go "WTF?!", We Don't Know What Will

Have you ever come across images that didn't make sense and you couldn't stop staring at them? And since not everything makes sense all the time, they will leave you wondering what the heck is going on. Well luckily for you, once in a while, some people catch such things on camera! So to shine a light on all these moments, our author Emily has collected a handful of them for you to enjoy. Let’s dive right in and prepare your brain for some twisted munchies!
These photos are just absolutely filled with WTF. How are we supposed to know what's going on here when there is absolutely no context, and even with context, it wouldn't make sense? But that's what makes them so fun to look at. They're as puzzling as they are intriguing. By the end of it, you might have left questions. But no, you will not have answers.

#1. Hindsight is 20/20

Source: -DoubleNegative-

#2. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: willdogs

#3. Will the balcony resist the weight?

Source: natezomby

#4. The amount of effort it takes to pave a road on a mountainside:

Source: https

#5. This whole, raw chicken making its way through airport security:

Source: leftleaningmexican

#6. How to properly be a hoarder:

Source: reddit

#7. Everything about this pickup truck situation:

Source: Stealth_Robot

#8. Ah, chicktwisting, the opposite of manspreading...

Source: dick-nipples

#9. Wouldn't want to mistake this for cereal.

Source: kriburnsy

#10. Huh?

Source: acidcow

#11. Wha-

Source: acidcow

#12. Uhm...

Source: acidcow

#13. But how did you get out??

Source: Huddunkachug

#14. What's going on here?

Source: ebaumsworld

#15. Candle has stopped candling:

Source: ebaumsworld

#16. A guy comes back from work to find this in his living room:

Source: jacklaros

#17. When the f*ck did this happen?

Source: Silas8350

#18. These new prototype "economy" airline seats:

Source: jcepiano

#19. Uh...

Source: ebaumsworld

#20. Oh boy...

Source: ebaumsworld

#21. Beans...

Source: ebaumsworld

#22. Wait... What???

Source: ebaumsworld

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