How These Parents Use Lies To Make Their Kids Behave Better, Let's Check Out 20 Funny Tweets Below!

We all know that when kids start to talk and understand the world, they wonder about everything around them. It seems like every day children come up with a lot of new and unexpected questions, such as why the sky is blue or why Santa only visits once a year. At first, most parents will patiently explain these things to their babies. Nonetheless, if you are in a hurry or simply have a bad day, I bet you won't be in the mood to answer the "why, why, why" questions and feel tired of explaining something multiple times.
So, one of the best ways to make these questions a little easier is to resort to a small lie. It's a dark side of parenthood because parents always teach their kids not to lie and want them to be honest with them. Anyway, an innocent lie that doesn't hurt anyone can help parents solve the questions quickly and overcome the grueling moment. In addition, most parents tell lies to their children as a tactic to change their behavior. The intent is good, right?
On Twitter, many people shared their cute lies with their children. The topic starts with a Twitter user going by the name @Lhlodder after hearing her friend telling an innocent lie to her children. Her tweet gets many interests from other parents, and here are cute lies they shared. Surely, some will make you smile. Check them out!

The question:

Source: Lhlodder

#1 Balance matters. Healthy food first, then you can eat junk food

Source: that_toddler

#2 They don't make batteries anymore, so they can't play with the toy

Source: dshack8

#3 Rooms must be clean for a Tooth Fairy

Source: MejiaWrites

#4 Searching for a toy that is hidden very well. A little cruel but very useful

Source: not_thenanny

#5 The easiest way to put a kid in a bed, without much effort

Source: TheCatWhisprer

#6 If your children don't like the food name, then change it

Source: geath81

#7 If you say so... we must believe

Source: that_toddler

#8 Food for a princess

Source: JimGaffigan

#9 Throw someone a ball. It was a good idea actually

Source: Leecooper74

#10 The store workers are guilty. This was for his own good

Source: thefluffa

#11 "Cold toast" but it is not even a toast. The power of persuasion

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#12 "I need you to build a deck", just that

Source: LurkAtHomeMom

#13 Mother can see from everywhere

Parents LiesSource: DraggingFeeties

#14 The biggest lie ever

Parents LiesSource: momtransparent1

#15 Sharing daylight with the rest of the world

Parents LiesSource: maryfairybobrry

#16 The pilot will know if you lie

Parents LiesSource: ESweenyBlock

#17 Sold out, sorry

Parents LiesSource: thedad

#18 The main character is napping

Parents LiesSource: realllyanna

#19 Of course, you will

Parents LiesSource: dishs_up

#20 Seeing his memories through his ear

Parents LiesSource: HonestToddler

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