20 Pics That Explain How Different Men And Women Can Be

Men and women sometimes have different ways of thinking. I don't want to discuss who is right and who is wrong, so feminists don't wrinkle your forehead. Ha-ha. Just kidding! I just want to emphasize the difference - different in an interesting and positive way, which will bring laughter to my readers.
No matter how long we live with our partners, they can always do things that surprise us and make us wonder how their minds work. Let's get rid of the notion that 'men are supposed to be this, women are to be like that' - all rules are relative. The differences between the two sexes only enliven this life. So look at these 20 pics that explain how different men and women can be and laugh together!
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#1. Packing

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#2. Difference between marketing for men and for women

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#3. Women tend to live longer. And now we know why.

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#4. Selfies

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#5. This is the bedroom of a single guy - the peak minimalism though

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#6. When women take a vacation photo, everything has to be planned out. When men take a vacation photo, it’s all for laughs.

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#7. Men seem to have an much easier time losing weight than women.

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#8. Babysitting

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#9. "My husband eats apples with a spoon."

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#10. "My husband labeled our frozen meats after our last store trip. I got a good laugh pulling this out for dinner."

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#11. "When your husband finds your hairbrush…"

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#12. "10-year-old's letter to herself, for a time capsule to be opened at high school graduation."

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#13. "My girlfriend only eats the chocolate chip parts of the cookie."

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#14. Sure, men get blisters too, but it seems like women’s shoes are just nastier on the heel.

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#15. "My husband put the candles really close together."

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#16. "Way to go mom!"

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#17. "My boyfriend is a programmer, this is what I imagine when he tells me he is fixing a bug."

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#18. "My buddy's girlfriend farted in front of him for the first time. He got a cake for the occasion."

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#19. Some women help their men out with their selfies, but usually, we see men doing the impossible for her to get a good shot.

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#20. "My husband thoroughly enjoyed the science museum."

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