Hoteliers Expose The Most Shocking Stories They Had To Keep Secret

When we travel on vacation to have fun and relax, it's important to remember that there are people watching all of the mischief we get up to. Even though our interactions with others when on vacation are just fleeting, it doesn't follow that they will forget the outrageous activities we get up to.
So gather around to learn all the juicy, odd, and sinister real-life secrets hoteliers and staff at opulent resorts are privy to, as detailed in the tales below, which our team assembled from online forums and discussions devoted to the topic.


Source: thescariestbearDavid Vilches

I was on a cruise to the Bahamas when I came across an unlocked piano.Sat down and made +$100 in tips before being chased away by an angry pianist.


Source: Auto_FacOlga Burmistrova

My uncle works at a very upscale restaurant on a very well-to-do and desirable vacation island in the Atlantic Ocean. One of their regular customers is a billionaire oil guy. My uncle has told me that this guy always arrives on a yacht that tows a smaller yacht, and the smaller yacht is still big enough to have a helicopter. He also demands to have his dogs seated at the table with him, where he feeds them foie gras and expensive water. One time, the resort owner got a call from health inspectors saying they’d received a complaint that dogs were seen eating in the restaurant. All the owner did was say the billionaire’s name and the health inspector just responded, ‘Oh okay, bye.’


Source: laneyhZohre Nemati

I worked with a woman who was the head of housekeeping for a large hotel in the area who told me this story..
There was this woman and her daughter who were local but checked in the hotel for a few days. One of the housekeepers comes to service the room one morning while the mom is outside by the pool. The housekeeper walks in and finds the girl in bed with blood everywhere.
Turns out the girl came to town to have an abortion and mom needed to hide it from dad. The girl started hemorrhaging in her sleep(while mom was already outside the room) and the housekeeper actually found her in time to save her life.
The housekeeper was too distraught after all was said and done to clean the room(I can’t remember if she quit).. another housekeeper was brought in to finish.


Source: qabalAnastasia Shuraeva

Top three:
1. Painted landscapes across three of the four walls. In s**t. Surprisingly talented.
2. Used condoms placed over every light bulb in the room. Discovered when the condoms started to burn.
3. Had an employee give out the wrong keys to a room. Parents gave the keys to small children. They ran ahead and opened the door. Inside was a couple performing bdsm, complete with ball gag and crop.


Source: xanjahop12cottonbro studio

I worked front desk and when anyone calls 911 from any room it notifies me. I called the room and a young boy picked up and was sobbing. He told me his dad hit him and he was scared. I told him to come down to the front desk and I would hide him until the police got there. His nose was bledding and face swollen, he had to be about twelve and I hid him in the GM’ s office. The father came down looking for him and and I lied and said I had not seen any kids. The police handled it after that.
Another time a woman came in using her credit card buwould not check in until I promised I would not tell her husband she was there. She said he would hurt her if he found her. He must have found the hotel on his bank statement and called over and over again asking for a woman by her name and I just said we had no one by that name. Hotels can be intense places to work…


Source:  SouledOut11Ty Carlson

Former hotel manager here. Check under your mattress if you stay in a hotel because odds are the housekeepers aren’t bothering to lift up the mattress like they should. After you’ve lifted said mattress go ahead and enjoy the copious amounts of porn that are left there for you.
Seriously, people leave adult magazines and DVDs under those mattresses all the time. Quite often it’s a regular guest who requests the same room and it’s just their stash because they know the small Nepalese housekeeper won’t lift the mattress even a little bit.
EDIT: Apparently some of you are taking the “enjoy copious amounts of free porn” as a literal statement. It was meant to be sarcastic as (at least for myself anyway) handling some strangers random porn for my own personal pleasure just seems unappealing.


Source: miranimousS A N D Y D O V E R

Onetime I picked up sweatpants, thinking it was a hoodie, to bring down to lost and found. When I picked it up, blood covered panties fell out. You couldn’t even see the original color of those things, it was all blood. I don’t understand why people choose to be disgusting instead of THROWING IT AWAY.
Also, I saw the lady leaving the room to check out. It was a grown a*s woman. Lazy, gross…I don’t know.


Source: DKDarrenKellySouro Souvik

I’m not a worker for a hotel or what have you, but my room mate used to work as one and told me stories where they cleaned up a room once and found someone had s**t into empty bottles and placed them behind radiators.


Source: anoncottonbro studio

Used to work part time for a cleaning company. We used to find all sorts of s**t. We used to find positive pregnancy tests all the time but didn’t want to congratulate them. Sometimes we knew before the husbands even knew. Things like bongs and other drug paraphernalia in teenagers rooms. My favorite story to tell is when this sweet old lady asked us to clean because her son was visiting. She was telling us how her son brought home his friend (male) from college. When cleaning the room he was staying in we found a tube of astroglide. I don’t think she knew her son was gay and I sure as he’ll didn’t have the heart to tell her.

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