Horrendous Toys That Are Definitely Improper For Children

Despite the fact that there are so many examples of poor design on store shelves, there is always more to make fun of. For instance, toys. Since they are typically developed and produced by adults, you would assume that they would take it seriously and put a lot of consideration into their production. Well, not really. To demonstrate that some toy designers are clueless, Bored Panda has gathered some of the most dubious toys.
It seems absurd that anyone would have approved of these concepts, which range from an Elmo with a crazy personality to a doll head used as a pony tail. However, we're rather certain that those that did later had a "long conversation" with their managers. Vote for the ones that made you cringe the most as you scroll down to see what we mean.

#1. This unfortunately designed kid's balloon.

Source: Imgur

#2. When Buzz found Woody.

Source: lskoch5

#3. These Figurines

Source: TauBone

#4. This fantastic toy.

Source: nnovl

#5. I Don't Remember That Part Of Sleeping Beauty

Source: Reddit

#6. If Santa's Late, You Know Why

Source: nickyjanefeenie

#7. Children's Toys Are Getting More And More Realistic

Source: Hallucinado

#8. This toy.

Source: Krzyszu

#9. This Spiderman balloon.

Source: comicbook_ads

#10. Classic Batman Squirt Gun... Really?!

Source: sgodar

#11. "My Wife bought these baby toys....little worried about them"

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#12. Imagine The Designer Giggling The Whole Time

Source: Colleen Doran

#13. Wolverine FAIL Inflatable Toy LOLOL

Source: JeepersMedia

#14. Water bottle designed for young girls

Source: Thorn1000

#15. Who greenlighted this toy?

Source: Imgur

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